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Why do people give up

Why do people give up

Do you give up so easily in life? Do you feel sometimes you want to give up on your life? Do you lack persistence?

We can place people in life in two groups, group that is persistent who keep going after their goals until they achieve them. The second group is people that give up on life too quickly due to one of the many life challenges.

In life, you are going to face challenges and obstacles. One of the major keys to success and achieving your goals is learning how to view obstacles. Instead of viewing them as something negative, start realizing that these challenges are crucial to your success. Therefore, instead of giving up easily and quickly, you have to learn be persistent as I mentioned in my book “the ultimate guide to achieve your goals.”

Why do I give up so easily?

I can hear you wonder why you give up so easily in life. If that is the case, then read on:

1.  Lack of desire

Let’s face it; if you lack desire towards your goal, you are likely to give up. When I was in my teens and early 20’s, I wanted to become an actor. Yet, as time went by, my interests in becoming an actor have decreased, so I started making other goals in my life and I gave up on my goal to become an actor.

If you feel like giving up on one area of your life or all your life for that matter, you need to find out what you are passionate. Ask yourself a few questions such as:

  • What am I passionate about?
  • If I can do anything in life now, what would that be?
  • If I had all the money in the world, what will I do?

Once you know what you desire, you can start working towards what you’re passionate about. You also can begin enhancing that desire through creative visualization and meditation and you will not want to give up on life or your goals.

2.  Lack of faith

The second cause that makes so many people give up on their life and goals is lack of faith. In other words, they don’t believe they can achieve what they desire in life whether it is a loving relationship that they seek, business adventure, prosperity, or happiness.

You might ask how you develop faith in yourself so you won’t feel like giving up on your life, goals, and dreams. Great question! The first thing you need to increase you faith is to overcome your limiting beliefs. If you believe that you are not capable of living life the way you want to and that you can’t achieve your goals, then you won’t.

Get a piece of paper and start writing down your limiting beliefs that are causing you to feel like giving up on your goals and life. Once you have done the list, go through each limiting belief you wrote.

For example, if one of your limiting beliefs is “I’m not smart” then ask yourself “Why do I feel that way? What do I lack that others have? Brain? Hands? Legs? Once you start going through your limiting beliefs, questioning them, and examining the root cause, you will begin to see that they are false and that there is a lot more to you than that.

Once you start working on finding what you truly desire and what you are passionate about, followed by strong faith, you will begin to become persistent and you would not give up on your life, dreams, or goals.

Do you know that only 3% of the world’s population manage to plan and reach their goals? The main goal for is to help you become from the top 3% of the world’s population who know how to achieve any goal they desire in all areas of life. ”The ultimate guide to achieve your goals was released to help you achieve everything your heart desires.

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  1. Jaky Astik says:

    People generally give up because they are confused about where they can move on. If you can find a way, you will definitely hope of pushing a little forward.
    Jaky Astik recently posted..30 Quotes about happiness, love and smiling

    • Dia says:

      Hi Jaky,

      When people have no clear ideas and vision to where they want to go and what goals they want to accomplish, then giving up becomes easy for them. The key is to know what you are passionate about, and stay persistent until you get it. Thanks Jaky

  2. Hi Dia,
    Well mapped out. We can often ‘give up’ so close to achieving a breakthrough.If only we knew. I agree with “persistence”, you gotta keep at it. Believe in yourself & the direction in which you are going. The goal/s have to be meaningful, they have to be big enough to get your juices flowing otherwise as you have said…… we will give up. Thanks for this important post.
    be good to yourself

    • Dia says:

      Hi David,

      Yep for sure, we have got to have passion for what we are doing, otherwise, we tend to give up more easily, so strong desire helps extremely. If we have strong desire, faith, and really persist, then we won’t give up. Thanks David

  3. Hi Dia,

    It is very true that people give up to easily. Sometimes we give up, because we don’t have anyone to encourage us. We share our ideas with the wrong person and they can’t see themselves achieving there goals, so they don’t believe we can either.

    Persistence is the key to being a winner. Thank you Dia for the encouraging words, so others will keep moving forward and get by the obstacles.
    Blessing always,
    Debbie @ Happy Maker recently posted..Unleash Your Power and Find Happiness

    • Dia says:

      Hi Debbie,

      Exactly my friend, sometimes people give up if someone tells them they will not succeed. The key is to develop faith in ourselves and persist. When we do that, achieving our goals will be immenent. Thanks Debbie

  4. I almost forgot there is an error in your like button.
    Debbie @ Happy Maker recently posted..Unleash Your Power and Find Happiness

    • Dia says:

      Thanks Debbie, yea it seems many people are having problems with their Facebook like button, I’m still search for a solution. Thanks for letting me know, really appreciate it.

  5. Jk Allen says:

    Giving up…this is a touchy one isn’t it Dia. Great breakdown provided here.

    A couple weeks ago Rob White did a great post called “An Invitation to Win”. After reading it…I quickly learned that I too often think I know the path that my progress should be going and when things sway off of that track – I get frustrated.

    The reality is that we can’t think we know it all. If we hit bumps along the way we have to be willing to ride them out…and keep our focus.

    Hope the week has started off well Dia!
    Jk Allen recently posted..Who Needs a MBA (or any Degree) When You Have Hustle?

    • Dia says:

      Hi JK,

      Exactly my friend, we can’t know what exactly we are going to encounter. Some give up when they enounter something they think they can’t handle. The key to achieving our goals is push forward and learn to overcome such obstacles. Thanks my friend, good to see you 😉 I hope you are doing well!

  6. Kenya says:

    This question “Why do I give up so easily” is actually key to knowing so much about yourself. When we stop blaming others and situations for our stagnation in growth and then truly discover what it is within that has us spinning in circles — is when we are able to really see the answer to this question.
    Kenya recently posted..Psychic Jazz Radio – Foundation of the Struggle

    • Dia says:

      Hi Kenya,

      You have brought up a good point, stop blaming others for what goes on in our life is crucial. Once we learn to take responsibility for our life, we stop asking for others approval. We begin to see that if they don’t see us succeeding, then it is their problem, not ours. Thanks Kenya

  7. Lisa H. says:

    Hi Dia,
    Interestingly, it depends what it is as to whether I give up or not. With athletics, I don’t give up until I reach my goals; however there are other things in my life that I have bailed out on. My giving up is due to having no guarantee that my efforts will pay off. I would have to say, this kind of faith is the hardest when going into something new.
    Lisa H. recently posted..Don’t Tell me What’s Wrong, Tell Me What’s Right

    • Dia says:

      Hi Lisa,

      When you realize that you are capable of achieving whatever you set your mind to, you will begin to have faith. One of the best ays to increase faith in us is to trust that God will help us achieve whatever we want and if we believe he will, then he will help us. We just have to change ourselves internally. Thanks Lisa

  8. Hi Dia,
    Great Post my friend. :)
    I refuse to give up but I am willing to extend the time it takes to reach my goals.
    Justin | Mazzastick recently posted..Find Your Passion By Following What Excites You

  9. Hi there.
    Well for me, when people give up, they just realized that they don’t really have what it takes to, or, they’re simply lack of faith just like you said.
    Andrew Walker recently posted..AllTrashCans Coupon Code

    • Dia says:

      Hi Andrew,

      Yep, this is why it is crucial that we develop faith in ourselves and in God. It is this faith that helps us to move forward inspite of the difficulties. Thanks Andrew

  10. hannamay says:

    Yeah, Andrew is right, don’t give up, do believe in faith…
    hannamay recently posted..Luxury Chalet Rentals

  11. Hi Dia, Why do I give up so easily! I think its about vision, when a person hold on to their vision, it give’s them a single focus, giving up is not an option. Like you said its about faith
    Lloyd Christie recently posted..12 self growth Lesson’s from Naruto

    • Dia says:

      Hi Lioyd,

      Yea when we focus on what we want and keep having that image playing in our mind in a positive way, faith and desire increase and we end up persisting until we achieve our goals. It is very crucial to focus on what we want…

  12. Adrienne says:

    I agree with you Dia that lack of faith and desire are the two main reasons. I know from personal experience that even if I’m having a hard time learning so that I can continue to move forward with something I really want to do, I’ll continue looking for the right information until I find it. I won’t quit.

    Fear is another one that I see holds a lot of people back as well. Fear of failure which goes right back to not really having enough faith in themselves that they can do whatever it is they’ve set out to accomplish.

    Start working on yourself and the doors will open for so many different possibilities. You are so right about that my friend.

    Thanks Dia,

    Adrienne recently posted..How To Get Around In LinkedIn

  13. Sibyl says:

    Dia: Really good information here. I think you are so right about the connection between desire/passion and quitting. I think it is great advice to search out our passion. We have to always be sure we are pursuing the right thing and in order for us to be pursuing the right thing, it has to be our passion. Great message. Thanks for passing it along.
    Sibyl recently posted..10 Things You Definitely Should Learn From “Failure”

  14. Frank says:


    This was a factual feast. I can identify with a lot of the very causes you shared in this post. People fear failure. People lack self confidence. People lack faith. I am people :-) But everyday that goes by I can attempt to get just a little bit closer to being better. Great post.
    Frank recently posted..Improving Productivity with Purpose?

  15. Kristina L. says:

    Hi, Dia,
    if anything, I would say I am not a quitter.
    In fact it is the opposite-I have been told so many times that my persistence leads to stubbornest…but I don’t think one should think of persistence and of being stubborn as those two are of the same level and quality.
    I think my faith moves me on, and good motivation, as well.
    Of course, I sometimes feel I need help to retrieve it, but if I believe in the goal with all my strength, I am not giving up easily.
    Kristina L. recently posted..Catholic Match Coupon Code

  16. Christy says:

    Couldn’t agree more, desire and faith is really important to keep us going. That’s why we should those two burning!