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Why do I worry so much?

Why do I worry so much?

Did you ever ask yourself why some people always worry and have anxiety while others remain calm? What is the secret that makes some people lead a stressful life filled with worry while others lead a happy life filled with peace of mind? Do you ask yourself the question “Why do I worry so much?”

To answer these questions, first we have to define what worry is. What is worry? Worry is the result of your thoughts and how you react negatively to different situations in life. As I mentioned in my newest e-book which has been released today “How to overcome worry?” that Hans Hugo Bruno Selye who spent more than 60 years studying worry said worry is a reaction from the body towards an event or situation. Freud also defined worry as a reaction to unknown danger.

Do you know research also shows that about half the people in the hospitals are there due to nervous and emotional problems such as fear, tension, worry, suppression, and depression? Doctors know that that low heart beats, nausea are the results of emotional problems.

Kinds of anxiety and worry

Now that you know what worry is, you need to know the kinds of anxiety and worry. According to research, there are 3 main kinds of worry, normal, acceptable, and unwanted.

Normal anxiety and worry is good for you. For example, you should be worried if someone is going to shoot you with a gun. You should be worried to jump from the top of a skyscraper. You should be worried to drive 120 mph on the highway.

Besides normal worry, there is acceptable worry. Acceptable worry is when you worry over your child going off to college, over a sick person, or over something for a short period of time.

Unwanted worry, constant worry, or as some call it “excessive worry” is the kind of worry that you have to learn to overcome since it could harm your body and affect your life in a negative way.

Remember that many people spend their day worrying about something they have no control of and by interpreting situations in a negative way. If you are one of them, then you need to learn how to overcome worry and anxiety from your life, so you can have peace of mind.

Before I end this post, remember to overcome worry and have peace of mind, end each day with thoughts of peace. Begin each day with thoughts of peace. Continue thinking thoughts of peace throughout your precious day and happiness will be yours.

Have you ever wondered why some people are happy and have peace of mind while others keep worrying?  Why do some people’s life filled with worry while others filled with happiness and peace of mind?  My e-book How to overcome worry answers those questions and teaches you the scientific ways to control and overcome worry and have peace of mind.

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  1. Thought is the first thing to be considered. It’s all about the way we think. Keep your minds on happiness by focusing on the optimistic. Life is good and bad. Best to focus on the good. Leave the bad behind.
    jonathanfigaro recently posted..Super Fab Five Ways To Be Like Mario

    • Dia says:

      Hi Jonathan,

      For sure my friend, thoughts and the way we think are make people generally worry and anxious. If people learn to focus on the positive, depend on God among other things, peace of mind will be theirs.
      Dia recently posted..Does visualization really work

  2. My anxiety and worry come from my self-confidence; or lack of it. I know when I’m able to remain confident, then my worry diminishes considerably.

    I hope this understanding helps others.


    • Dia says:

      Hi Alex,

      Lack of self confidence for sure can make a person worried. If the individual lacks a certain skill, then he will become worried and afraid that he will do it correctly. Of the best ways to overcome this kind of “worry” is to learn the necessary skill and build self confidence in that area.
      Dia recently posted..Does visualization really work

  3. Dia, you are right on. And my wife worked in a hospital for a while and is currently studying to be a nurse. Absolutely correct about the people who are there because of their worry and stress. And in the end, most of our health problems are related to worry and stress anyway, so I suppose it would be safe to assume that more than 80% of those in the hospital who are sick are there because of their worry and stress.

    Thanks for posting! Fantastic ebook, by the way! :)
    Bryan Thompson recently posted..How to Make a Business Card that is Never Thrown Away

    • Dia says:

      Hi Bryan,

      Yea my friend, if people learn to handle their worry, most of the hospitals would be empty 😉 It is amazing how many people go there due to their worry, stress, depression, etc… Thanks Bryan
      Dia recently posted..Does visualization really work

  4. Frank says:


    Worry to me is a time stealer. Each moment that I waste worrying about something beyond my control the less focus I have for me to reach my goals. Although I would like to pretend I have this under control, worry comes naturally and requires you to have faith beyond what you may currently be feeling or experiencing. I am excited about your new book Dia. I can’t wait to read it.
    Frank recently posted..CHANGE can be Beautiful

  5. Dandy says:

    Hi Dia,
    Yep, I’ve struggled with this one too. When I was a little girl I had ulcers due to worry and stress. It helps to remind myself of my strength and ability to handle adversity. Letting go of what I cannot control is crucial. I let go by exercising out all the pent up energy and also prayer. I couldn’t do without prayer. Thanks Dia!
    Dandy recently posted..How to express yourself to others

    • Dia says:

      Hi Dandy,

      You got it my friend. Prayer is the ultimate guide to overcome worry. Without having faith in God and without depending on God, it will be very, very hard to overcome excessive worry. We have got to depend on God and trust he will bring us the best. Thanks Dandy :)
      Dia recently posted..Does visualization really work

  6. Hi Dia,

    I use to have a worry box. If I started to worry about something I would write it down and put it in my box. At the end of the week I would check my box and most of my worries weren’t worries anymore. The ones that were, I would find a solution for or turn it over to God, because I knew there wasn’t anything I could do about it.

    When it comes to worrying about children I have to say this. I always looked at my children as Gods children and he just entrusted me with them. when I couldn’t be there with them, I would just say a little pray and ask him to watch over them, since they were really his. Then I would relax and not worry, because I knew they were in good hands. I still do that sometimes.

    Worries just age you and I really don’t need any help with that, so I just “let go and let God.”

    Thanks Dia for talking about worries, because you are right, they do make you unhealthy.

    To you worry free day,

  7. I particularly agree with your thoughts of starting and ending each day Dia with thoughts of peace. I know there are times when I’ve woke up in the morning and immediately negative thoughts enter my head, and frankly this simple act screws up the rest of my day–without question.

    So that’s why these days I literally force myself to think positives, especially in the morning, because I know the effects of those thoughts are profound.

    Great post Dia.

    Marcus Sheridan, The Sales Lion recently posted..Why Blogging is the Greatest Sales Tool in the World Today

  8. Jk Allen says:

    Hi Dia! Worry plays not posiitve role in my life Dia. It’s a downer – offering nothing worthy of my time. The way I combat worry and figuring that my worry is my focus…and I tend to attract more of what I focus on. I get hit by the worry bug often, particularly about my kids…but more so, think about positives which brings me peace.

    Thank you Dia!
    Jk Allen recently posted..A Framework for Tackling Tasks and Getting Positive Results

    • Dia says:

      Hi JK,

      Having focus is crucial my friend. Without having focus, our thoughts would take us from one place to another, so we have got to have focus and concentrate on what is good in our lives and depend on God all the time. Thanks JK
      Dia recently posted..Does visualization really work

  9. Stuart says:

    It’s awful that worry consumes so many lives, because that’s not what worry is there for. To experience worry is a good thing, because it serves to make us aware of the areas that we’re afraid of, that we could grow into, that we could improve and be better. Once we’ve grown and conquered our worries, then they’ll disappear, and new worries will come up in new areas. Then, we do the same in these new areas, so that our life becomes a journey of self-discovery and conquering our fears, one by one :-)
    Stuart recently posted..Why Motivation Is Overrated

  10. John Sherry says:

    I used to worry too much and it spanned into anxiety. For me it was because I didn’t feel I was enough, that I had skills and capabilities, and that I could handle what life brought me. I lacked self-awareness and confidence and worry was my response to that and being vulnerable in the world. Develop who you are and what your unique abilities are and worry will soon be a puff of smoke. You ARE enough. Great, simple subject Dia, but ultra important the world over. Well done for covering it my friend.
    John Sherry recently posted..Being Extraordinary Means Just Simply Being YOU!

    • Dia says:

      Hi John,

      Exactly my friend, lack of confidence can make us worry, especially if we lack a certain skill in life that is necessary for our growth. The key is to develop those skills, so we can boost our self confidence. This would help to lessen excessive worry and anxiety. Thanks John
      Dia recently posted..Does visualization really work

  11. ayo says:

    hello dia
    how are you?
    a little bit of optimism fuels our hope and confidence in overcoming certain worries. worrying stems from anxiety but taking a day one step at a time and resolving issues from simple to complex should put us in a healthy position of managing our worries.
    take care and enjoy the rest of the day
    ayo recently posted..The Thirteenth Edition Of The Life Skills Magazine Is Out Now!!