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Why do I feel helpless

 Why do I feel helpless?

Why do I feel helpless?  I’m stuck in my life and nothing seems to work for me, why is that? 

Feeling stuck in life is very common across all walks of life.  Sometimes, things might not go the way you want them to be.  As you experience challenges in your life, you might start to feel stuck and frustrated from time to time. 

As you have fear, insecurities, and negative beliefs, you tend to feel that there is no way out.  You might start making weak decisions that will affect you negatively in the future. 

In order to end your feelings of being stuck, you need first to understand the root cause of why you tend to feel helpless.

Symptoms of helplessness

1.  Negative habits

Bad habits are hard to break and they can stand in your way of achieving your goals.  Ask yourself:

“Is there a habit I’m doing that is causing me misery?”

“What can I do to end bad habits from my life?”

“How can I substitute bad habits with good habits?”

These are all questions that you need to ponder as negative habits are a major source for helplessness.  (For more info, check power of habits: How to build good habits that last for ever.)

2.  Negative previous programming

Negative previous programming has also a big impact on your feeling of helplessness.  The experiences you go through have a direct impact on you and your attitude.

For instance, if you have failed in the past in your businesses and ventures, most likely you would have gotten affected.  Feelings of frustration and helplessness would start to surface again unless you take the time to correct any unwanted previous programming. 

3. Complains

Are you a complainer?  If so, you need to be aware of your complaining attitude so it won’t get you to a point where you lose hope.  Unfortunately, complaining drains your energy by focusing on what is missing in your life.

Instead, you need to shift focus by appreciating the blessings you currently have and by aiming for more good things to come your way.

4.  Lack of skills

Often folks who lack a certain skill feel helpless especially if the skill is necessary to help them reach an important goal that they have in mind.  They might believe the skill is too hard to acquire; hence they never even try or they might be too lazy to learn this new skill by saying there is not enough time.

How to overcome helplessness and frustration?

So how can you stop feeling helpless?  The answer lies in the following tips:

1.  Build good habits

Although, it might be a challenge to build good habits in order to combat helplessness, rest assured it can be done.  For example, if you want to open your own business, but you’re having a hard time finding time, then you might need to enhance your time management skills.  Once you do, you will become more enthusiastic about life and helplessness will decrease.

2.  Learn a new skill

Learning new skills is necessary to end frustration.  For instance, if you want to become a singer, but don’t have a good voice, you can then consider taking voice classes to learn the art of singing.  If you want to be a chef, but don’t know how to cook, then you would need to start practicing in order to become a professional chef.

Once you learn a new skills, your confidence in yourself will improve and you will be more competent to deal with any challenge that might come across your way.

3.  Fix your beliefs

As long as you believe there is no solution to your current dilemma, I guarantee you will stay feeling helpless.  Thoughts of giving up, unworthiness, and depression are very common.  So what is the solution?  Fix your beliefs!

One of the best methods that you can try to change your negative beliefs is by reminding yourself that there are at least two different ways of looking at a situation.  Ask yourself:

Is it worth it to keep voting yes to something you don’t want in your life?

Is it worth it to keep imagining the same scenario over and over again when you hate it?

Is it worth it to waste your precious time over trivial issues and circumstances? 

Remember, you have the chance to vote NO to any thought and belief that you do not like.  It is only a matter of using your vote in a way to help you succeed at whatever you desire in life.  Once you do fix your beliefs, there will be no room for feeling helplessness. 

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