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Why am I sad

Why am I sad

Why am I sad too much? Sadness is affecting my life! How can I stop feeling sad?

John has a day job that he doesn’t feel happy with. Every day he wake ups, he feels stressed out. John feels with this economy, he can’t get a better paying job that he can enjoy and give from all of his heart.

John is wondering how he can stop feeling sad, so he can begin to enjoy life more and become a winner in life.

Symptoms of sadness

  • Losing someone your love
  • Missing someone
  • Something doesn’t go your way
  • Financial problems
  • Health issues
  • Family problems
  • The death of someone

Sadness and depression

Feeling sad is an indication that there is something wrong in your life that you have to pay attention to. Feeling the intensity of sadness depends on the situation that a person is in. Some are light, some are mild, and some are intense.

Sadness is an emotion similar to the rest of emotions that we experience from time to time. The problem arises however when sadness lasts for more than a few days as it could turn into depression if we are not careful and let it continue in our lives.  You can read more about this in my book “How to overcome worry and have peace of mind.” 

How to stop feeling sad

To learn how to stop feeling sad in daily life, follow the quick guide below: 

Find out the root cause

The first step you need to do to stop feeling sad is find the cause of your sadness. Recognizing the symptoms will help you find a solution to your dilemma. Ask yourself the following healthy questions:

Why am I feeling sad? What is the thing I want to change about my life, so I can end my suffering and become content in life? How is sadness affecting my life?

Knowing the answers to these questions will help you in learning more about yourself, the way you react to things, and your current sadness.

Make a plan for change

Now, it is time to make a plan to solve these problems that are causing you to feel sad. This plan begins by taking a solid decision to become in charge of your life.

Solve whatever needs solving by taking the time to correct your thoughts and by taking action.

Spend time with positive people

I’m sure you have heard the saying that goes like “Tell me who you spend your time with and I will tell you who you are.” The people who you interact with have a huge influence on your thoughts and the way you look at situations.

If you are surrounded by positive people, the chances are you will begin to think more positive thoughts than what you are used to.

Remember, thoughts are contagious. When you spend time with healthy people who are winners in life, you will learn to think like them and you will become a winner.

Learning how to stop feeling sad can be challenging at first, but if you follow the steps above, you will stop feeling sad in many unwanted situations.

Have you ever wondered why some people are happy and have peace of mind while others keep worrying? Why do some people’s life filled with worry while others filled with happiness and peace of mind? My e-book How to overcome worry answers those questions and teaches you the scientific ways to control and overcome worry and have peace of mind.

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  1. Hi Dia,

    Great tips for over coming sadness. I had one of those days yesterday and had to sit down an understand where i was coming from. Hubby and i finally decided that I just needed to get out of the house. After working all week at home on the blog i needed to get out. We took a drive to the mountains and ate some lunch and all was good again.

    As for being in a job you don’t like i have been there and i just thing about the good things in the job, until I can make a change.

    there is always something good to find in any situation when we look for it.

    And as you say, finding the positive people to be around makes all the difference in the world.

    Thanks for the great tips, because it does suck when you are sad and the first step is to see what changes you can make.
    Blessing to you,
    Debbie @ Happy Maker recently posted..Don’t Do These 10 Things When Fighting with your Spouse

  2. rob white says:

    Good one Dia. Whenever we are being someone other than our Authentic Self, we harm our personality. When brooding, feeling discouraged, sad, or emotionally reacting to life, it’s time to interrupt the pattern. We must learn to deny the lie that broke into our mind of its own accord, the thought that has us feeling discouraged, brooding, or acting in a negative fashion. Don’t debate but simply voice the denial in an easy style, with a sincere and enthusiastic voice. Speak the denial out loud so our ears can hear it.

  3. Galen Pearl says:

    Dia, This is an interesting topic, because sadness can be a very healing emotion that can connect us to others. As Joanna Macy said, “The heart that breaks open can contain the whole universe.” This kind of sadness can arise from compassion, and even from joy. Indeed, joy and sadness are often linked.

    But sadness that becomes self pity, or victimhood, or simply keeps us stuck there is isolating and destructive. It can become a habit, or our default mode. Your insights and techniques are so important for breaking out of this negative pattern. This kind of sadness is often rooted in ego, so breaking us out of our own “story,” so to speak, can reconnect us to the world and to joy.

    I like this post because you offer some good specific methods for shifting our perspective and getting out of the sadness quicksand.
    Galen Pearl recently posted..Butterfly Time

  4. Lisa H. says:

    I like what you said about sadness being an indicator that something is wrong in your life. The key for me is to first recognize when I am sad. Sometimes I catch it early and other times it is undeniable. Writing down my thoughts and feelings helps me get to the root cause of my sadness and come up with a plan to resolve it. It is funny how different things can look from one minute to the next. Just goes to show the power of having a plan. :-)
    Lisa H. recently posted..6 Reasons Why You Should Start a Blog or 6 Reasons Why You Should Start a Freakin’ Blog

  5. Bellaisa says:

    Very true points. I personally do not spend time with negative people anymore, because they literally suck the energy right out of me and cause me to feel bad, no matter how positive I try to keep my mind-set.

    For instance, my mother-in-law had a mild stroke not long ago and she was probably the most negative person I knew before the stroke, never-mind after it. We spent most of our time with her taking care of her and trying to make her feel better, and it was very hard to maintain our happiness alongside her very negative outlook on life. When she was better and we were able to go home, we felt much MUCH better.
    Bellaisa recently posted..4 Date Ideas to Keep You Warm

  6. Julie says:

    Nice article, your text is very useful for the people who are in trouble while handling stress and bad mood. I always try to focus on something else, when I’m moody, to do sports is a good way to keep the peace of mind.
    Julie recently

  7. Hi Dia,

    You have some great tips on how to stop feeling sad. I agree that who we surround ourselves with can make all the difference. We can choose our emotions and reactions to life, and how long we want to dwell on something negative. It is hard to be sad, so thank you for sharing some positive ways to change.
    Cathy | Treatment Talk recently posted..Are You a Parent that Needs to Let Go of Denial and Enabling?

  8. Adrienne says:

    I’m happy to say that I rarely have those days of sadness Dia.

    I remember 9 years ago though when I lost my Dad, I spiraled into a deep depression. I knew the root of the cause but no amount of being around positive people would help. I know this is a drastic example but I did have to seek therapy. It took me two years to work through it all.

    For days when I may be just a little down in the dumps, I will get out of the house and go for a walk. Just get myself out of the environment I’m in and it helps me clear my head. I start immediately thanking God for everything I have in my life and it helps me to understand that whatever is making me sad, is just a temporary thing.

    Thanks for sharing these tips. You always give us such awesome advice Dia. You’re my go to guy!

    Enjoy your weekend.

    Adrienne recently posted..Why You Should Go For No