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What is a true friend

What is a true friend

Are true friends hard to find? What makes friends special?

We all have friends and many of us appreciate friendship. We all need to have true friends and many of us do have close and best friends, but let me ask you what makes a friend a true friend? What separates a true friend from an acquaintance?

Friendship is one of the most important relationships that we develop in our lives. While it might be easy to make friends, it could be difficult to find friends who would be true to the friendship during the hardships that we encounter in life. Despite the fact that we all have parents and relatives, yet many people rely on friends for spending time together.

True friends

John and Mike grew up together and have been best friends since childhood in the country side. One day, after returning from school, they got into heated debate about politics. Suddenly after the debate got heated, in a moment of anger, John slapped Mike. Mike stared at his friend, then wrote on sand “Today my best friend slapped me.” They resumed walking. When they wanted to cross the river, which was overflowing, Mike fell in the water. John without thinking about it, helped Mike get out of the water. Then, Mike wrote on a rock, “My best friend rescued me.”

John couldn’t understand what Mike was doing, so he asked Mike why he wrote on the sand when he slapped him and wrote on the rock when he saved him? Mike explained that true friend should forget the wrong doings done by their friends and always remember the positive which is exactly what he did.

Characteristics of a true friend

To learn about the characteristics of a true friend, read the quick guide below:

1. Wants the best for you

A true friend wishes you the best all the time. If he finds you that you are succeeding in life and achieving your goals, he will support you.

2. Supports you

If you are experiencing difficult circumstances, you will find the true friend tries his best to reduce your pain and brings you out of your current emotional state.

3. Honesty

A true friend is the one who is honest with you. If you ask him for your help, he will not say what pleases you, he will say what he thinks it is in your best interest. The true friend gives you advice that will support you, helps you, and that makes you move forward in a positive way.

4. Doesn’t judge you

A true friend supports you all the time. He accepts you the way you are and doesn’t try to change you. He accepts your personality the way it is with your positive and negative qualities.

5. Listens to you

There are friends who stay with you when everything is going well, but when you experience a hardship, they disappear and don’t lend you a hand in your adversity. A true friend on the contrary is the one you find in those hard times lending you a hand.

6. Makes you part of his life

A true friend introduces you to his friends and family and makes you part of his family. You are a blessing in his life.

7. Keeps your secret

A true friend keeps your secrets and weaknesses. He doesn’t reveal your secrets or blackmail you. Respecting your privacy is one of your friend’s goals. He doesn’t gossip about you in front of others.

Always remember, “Who finds a faithful friend, finds a treasure.”

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  1. Hi Dia! I love your list specially when you say that a true friend doesn’t judge you. It’s great to find that kind of unconditional love from someone. It doesn’t matter what you do, you know that your friend will support you without any judgment. My husband is my best friend and I can count on him to listen and support me without judging me. It’s an amazing feeling. :)
    Thanks for this beautiful reminder. Loving blessings!

    • Dia says:

      Hi Andrea,

      Exactly my friend, it is great when we have a friend that doesn’t judge us and accepts us for who we are. it is for sure a sign of true friendship. If we have a friend like this, then we are lucky :)

  2. Stuart says:

    Hi Dia, thanks for sharing your insights on what makes a true friend, definitely food for thought.

    Unconditional love is hard to come by, but when you find it, it’s truly magical. I can count my closest friends (including my girlfriend) on the fingers on one hand, but I know that we have something special worth cherishing.

    Thanks for the kind words :-)

    • Good point with the girlfriend 😀

      I face emotional challenges when it is my birthday and by each year less and less people call and congratulate me…

      Why is that happening? …

    • Dia says:

      Hi Stuart,

      Exactly it is hard to find true friends these days and usually we can count them on one hand if we are lucky.

  3. Evelyn says:

    Hi Dia,

    Enjoyed the story that you included in this post. It gives me something to think about.

    I like honesty. A true friend will be honest with you no matter what. True friends are very hard to come by these days, but when you find that friend, treasure them.

    Take care,


    • Dia says:

      Hi Evelyn,

      For sure my friend. Honesty is crucial in every friendship. After all honesty is the best policy 😉

  4. Friends are indeed a special relationship.

    For me, a best friend is someone to share honesty and few “guilty pleasures” with.

    Thanks for the wonderful reminder of the importance of friendship.


    • Dia says:

      Hi Alex,

      For sure my friend, honesty is important. When a friend is honest with us, then we can depend on them and know no matter what happens, they will always tell us the truth.

  5. Jk Allen says:

    Dia – Friends are a crucial part of us all. After reading your list of characteristics, I realized why I only have a handful of people I consider to by true friends. I know a bunch of people – but not everyone fits the characteristics that you shared.
    Thanks for the great reminder! Peace.

    • Dia says:

      Hi JK,

      Exactly my friend, not everyone fits the list. In this time, true friends are rare to find. We should be grateful for every true friend we have in our lives.

  6. Hey Dia, happy 2011 my friend, you’re already back and busier than ever I see 😉

    I’d add this: A true friend could care less ‘what’s in it for him’. He acts out of love, not what he might get in return.

    Also, a true friend is the type of person you could call at any hour, on any day for help and he would come right over. That’s what a true friend is in my book.

    Good stuff buddy.

    • Dia says:

      Hi Marcus,

      For sure my friend a true friend acts out of love and gives unconditionally. Calling our friend at any time in the day is for sure a characteristic for true friendship. We should all try to have those qualities.

  7. Dandy says:

    Hi Dia,
    This is lovely. Friendship is a precious thing. I’ve never had a huge circle of friends, but the few I do have are wonderful and I wouldn’t trade them for anything! Thanks for the reminder that I need to say thank you to them for being in my life!


    • Dia says:

      Hi Dandy,

      For sure Dandy true friendship is precious. It is a true gift from God. We should be thankful and appreciative of every true friend we have in our life.

  8. Hi Dia,

    Thanks for reminding us all of what true friends are. Number 4 is very important. “Doesn’t Judge You”. I feel that if you can find 1 true friend in a life time you are a very lucky person. They are hard to find, but they are there when you choose wisely.

    Also to find a true friend you do have to know how to be one and with these guide line you have given, everyone should know how to be a true friend.

    Thank Dia and have a wonderful day,

    • Dia says:

      Hi Debbie,

      For sure, a true friend doesn’t judge us and accepts us for who we are. Having 1 true friend is better than having 10 friends who are in for something.

  9. What I’ve learned was true friends never leave you out in the winter without a jacket.

  10. HI Dia!

    Great post!

    Friends, and more specifically true friends, are a very important part of the human element. I think that more than anything it’s the relationship that we build with someone that we can share the characteristics you mentioned, what we as human yearn for most.

    I once read in an book that the only thing that separates us from every other animal out there is the fact that we are social animals. One of the very basic biological needs for humans is the need to belong. When we feel like we belong we feel connected and we feel safe. As humans we crave and we seek this need whenever possible.

    • Dia says:

      Hi Hector,

      Exactly, us humans want to belong and we want to feel conntected to others. It is part of humanity, that is why almost everyone desires to have true friends in life.

  11. Frank says:


    These are some great quailites to look for in a person whom you would deem a true friend. Good friends are hard to find and even harder to keep. A friendship is a relationship that has to be nutured and grown. A true friend generally just doesn’t show up over night but from years of experiences with a person that you now have developed confidence and trust with.

    Thanks for this post. It has made me start to re evaluate my “friends”

    • Dia says:

      Hi Frank,

      I love what you said that “friendship is a relationship that has to be nurtured and grown.” This is so true, friendship is like a flower, we have to keep giving it water to grow, the same goes for friendships.

  12. Ishan says:

    Hi Dia,
    According to me, another thing I look for in a true friend is understanding. Understanding is one of the most important thing I look for in a person and value the most.

    • Dia says:

      Hi Ishan,

      Understanding is a quality that we all look for. When we find someone who really understands us and respects our thinking, then we tend to feel close with that person.

  13. Finding faithful friends is like finding treasure! I totally agree Dia. True friends are hard to come by nowadays.

    Thanks for the awesome insights and happy new year to brother!


    • Dia says:

      Hi Adam,

      Yea, nowadays it is very hard to find true friends who understand you fully, support you, respect you, be there for you in times of hardships. It is like finding treasure. We have to be lucky for every true friend that we have in our life.

      Happy new year Adam :)

  14. Elise says:

    Hey Dia, this was a very heartfelt post and I enjoyed reading it. :)

    I have been lucky to discover 4 of my true best friends in life (maybe with more in the future). We’ve already been through a lot together, including some very heated situations, but everything we have been through has helped me discover who my true friends are and who aren’t. It’s mostly about unconditional friendship. Bad things happen, but the fact that we can all forgive and move on with our friendships shows us who our true friends are in life.

    Thanks for sharing this!

    • Dia says:

      Hi Elise,

      Good for you, you are very lucky to have 4 true friends. Exactly, we have to be thankful for every true friend we have. We have to give each other support unconditionally and be there for each other.

  15. Joe Wilner says:


    Very nice post and an important topic. I think the two most important and often overlooked in male relationships are listens to you and wants the best for you. There are people I consider friends who have never even asked about my personal life. They are much more interested in talking about themselves. Also having a friend who wants the best for you is tough to find. Many people are prone to envy. I find these two qualities crucial to any friends I make these days.

    • Dia says:

      Hi Joe,

      Yea, having a friend that wants the best for you is hard to find nowadays. True friends always ask about how you are doing in all aspects in life. They are sincere and genuine when they ask.

  16. Dia, this was another fantastic post. Friendship is one of life’s great true riches. They say in life we make lots of contact with friends, but there are only a handful throughout our life that will be the truest, closest friends. Those are the ones we never forget. My prayer is that I can BE that friend to those I’m closest to.

    Thanks for making us think, bro. Happy New Year!

    • Dia says:

      Hi Bryan,

      For sure my friend having true friends like great treasure in life. I agree we have to be that kind of friend before we recieve. I believe in the proverb that says, “To be a friend, be a friend.”

  17. ayo says:

    hello dia
    how are you?
    happy new year.
    thanks for sharing this article and if i may add to this please a true friend would harbour no grudges against you. he/she would be selfless and share your burdens together.
    take care of yourself and enjoy the rest of the day

    • Dia says:

      Hi Ayo,

      For sure my friend a true friend will have no grudge against you. A true friend is there to support us whenever we need to.

  18. Samuel says:

    Awesome post Dia! You are damn right bro! Be careful when choosing friends. I guess true friends are hard to find. Thanks for sharing.

    • Dia says:

      Thanks Samuel, yea true friends are hard to find now, but once we find one, then we have to be appreciative :)

  19. Tshilidzi sigwadi says:

    It is hard to find out who exactly is your true friend becos some people who may pretend as your friend but in times of sorrow they stand away from you, so you never know wether a friend you are living with is a true friend or not until you find urself in darkness situation wherby you can see that indeed when days are dark friends are few.