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Spiritual law: Law of attention

Spiritual law: Law of attention

Your reality is based on whatever you focus on!

Are you aware of the spiritual laws that God has put in place on this earth?

If you intend to make real change in your life, then you need to start looking on the inside. You will not be able to make an external change unless you make the internal change first.

Life is like a mirror. When you stand in front of a mirror, you will see the reflection in the mirror. However, which one is real? You or your reflection? Think about it…

Similarly, life has two ways of looking at it. One way is called metaphysical which is beyond our perception and the other is called physical, which can be felt according to Vadim Zeland.

The reality is not what you see in life. Reality is the reflection. What is real is your thoughts and beliefs. Anything you see, hear, or feel is a reflection of the thoughts, ideas, and beliefs you have inside of you.  (for more info, see Spiritual law: As within so without)

If you want to know what kind of thoughts and beliefs you tend to believe in, then take a look at your external world. If you have many problems in your life, it means you have many internal issues and struggles. If you are living a prosperous life, it means you believe in prosperity and abundance.

Exercise on the law of attention

Let me give you an exercise that will help you determine the inner struggles and issues that you have placed upon yourself. Once you understand the struggles, beliefs, and thoughts you tend to hold on to, you will be able to change your focus and direct it in the direction where you intend to go.  You will then be able to break the code for your life and turn your life around.  The question is are you ready to make that decision?  (for more info, check power of decision: how to make better decisions every day)

Site down with yourself and write your thoughts and views about life. Write down the values that you believe in. Here are some things to consider:

1. Family and relationships

2. Health

3. Money

4. Career

5. Raising children

6. Marriage

7. Starting a business

For instance, if you believe that becoming financially wealthy is only possible if you exploit and take advantage of others while you value honesty and loyalty, then you will not be able to become wealthy, unless you change your beliefs about wealth.

Or if you believe that the older you get, the less healthy you will become which is a prevalent belief among many people, then this is what you will get exactly.

Discover the negative beliefs that you keep holding onto and then work on changing them to something more positive and energizing. Understand that your circumstances and events in life are based on the ideas and beliefs you tend to focus on.

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  1. Hi Dia,
    It’s such a perfect and beautiful law! We forget it too often, or maybe we can’t fully appreciate what it means, what possibilities it offers!
    Lori Gosselin recently posted..Messages from Movies: Reality – or Fiction?

    • Dia says:

      Thanks Lori, indeed, it is a forgotten law that many people don’t know about it as many tend to stare at what they don’t like in life. If we intend to live a prosperous life, we must stare in the direction where we wish to go.
      Dia recently posted..Spiritual law: Law of attention

  2. Chris says:

    Hi Dia

    This post of yours is timely as I just finished reading a book titled “The Tools” by Phil Stutz, which addresses ways to conquer some of a persons inner struggles. Figuring out how to deal with negative emotions is crucial to one’s success in life and will be the number one reason why most people never move ahead with new friendships, better career opportunities and happy relationships.

    Enjoyed your article very much!