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Power of dreams

Power of dreams and goals

Today’s accomplishments are yesterday’s dreams and imaginations. If you look around you at the tall buildings, yachts, airplanes, cellphones, television, radio, these were all people’s dreams at one time. Our dreams are the starting point for any kind of success. As Albert Einstein says, “Imagination is the preview of life‘s coming attractions.”

In my book “the ultimate guide to achieve your goals,” I talked about the importance of dreams and imagination. In an interview with Mohamed Ali, he was asked how he got to the place where he is today. He said that it is not good enough to know what you are doing, but you also need to have dreams and imagination.

There was a study done in one of the colleges to watch students during their sleep through certain devices. Each time a student starts dreaming, they will wake the student up from his sleep as the students were allowed to sleep only and weren’t permitted to have dreams. After four days, the experts had to stop the experiment since all students became stressed and worried.

As you can see everything starts with dreams and imagination. Let me ask you what is your dream in life? What is the thing you want more than anything else? Travel around the world? Have a happy family? Perhaps, you want to have your own business?

Unfortunately, there are many great ideas that stay buried for two main reasons:

1. People’s affect on us-

We get affected by people around us such as our friends, neighbors, as family members when sometimes they ridicule our dreams and thoughts. How many times you had great idea, but someone close to you says, it is better to give up on this idea and that you are not going to succeed? In short, you have to be careful not to get affected by the people around you who say you can’t succeed.

2.  fear-

The second reason that prevents you from achieving your dreams and your goals is you. How many times you wanted to start some kind of project, but a voice inside of you keeps saying, “No…I can’t do this. I’m not going to succeed?” Then as a result you gave up on your dreams and goals? Unfortunately, many times we don’t follow our dreams because of fear.


Below are proven steps that will help you accomplish your dreams and enhance your imagination:

1. Write down your super objective in life.

2. Sit in a quiet place in a relaxed way.

3. Start breathing deeply.

4. Close your eyes and begin to imagine your dream. Imagine that you have accomplished your dream in life. Start counting to ten and each time you go up in numbers, feel more relaxed, more confident, and more positive energy.

Repeat this exercise as often as you can as this exercise can do wonders in your life. Start dreaming big and always know that dreams do come true.

 Do you know that only 3% of the world’s population manage to plan and reach their goals? The main goal for is to help you become from the top 3% of the world’s population who know how to achieve any goal they desire in all areas of life. If you have a specific goal that you want to accomplish or want to improve an area of your life, but do not know how or why you are not getting any result, then this is the place for you.  To check books, click here

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  1. yy says:

    ive figured out my goal for my life but then im afraid that my family will oppose it and i dont know if its the right decision. it seems that i can do it when i read this but then it’s not easy. im still…scared. it’s not scare but then i not sure that i can make it or not :((

  2. Dia says:

    Hi yy,

    The thing you have to understand is that no matter what you do, you are going to find some people that won’t like what you do and will oppose you and that is fine. You are always going to find people that will oppose you, you have to do what YOU feel and believe is right.

    In regards to being scared if you can make it or not, ask yourself this question, “If others can achieve their goals, why can’t I?” You have to realize that people who achieve their goals are not better than you. The only thing is that they take action and believe in themselves. If you need more help, let me know

  3. I enjoyed this well written post Dia. I do believe fear is what stands in our way most regularly. I recognize that for me, this has proven true. A vivid imagination is a key when achieving our dreams. There are many avenues and tools used to achieve success. However, we must utilize them all together because one leads to another.

    “If you look around you at the tall buildings, yachts, airplanes, cellphones, television, radio, these were all people’s dreams at one time.”

    That is awesome, what more proof do we need that the mind has a manifesting power?

    Back Soon,

  4. Dia says:

    Hi Sandra,

    Exactly, fear is our main enemy. Visualization is one of the main important tools that help us to achieve our dreams , that is for sure.

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  6. I really enjoyed reading this article, I am just wondering if dreams can be true regarding to your success? for me, If you are really motivated and confront your fear , this can be the solution for us to achieve our goals in life.
    Kate Brown Wilson recently posted..אתרי פעוטות