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Natures path to inner peace

Nature’s path to inner peace

What is nature’s path to inner peace? Do you enjoy the natural world to relieve yourself from worry and stress?

The stress that we encounter in daily life makes it necessary for us to seek methods that help us relax and unwind. What better way than nature to use to relieve ourselves from worry?

Nature has an astonishing ability to relax us and restore serenity in our life. The more we spend time in nature, the more we will begin to experience inner peace and calmness.

Nature leads to inner peace

One of the things that I do to relieve myself from worry and anxiety is by spending time in nature. I have made it a habit to take a walk right by the lake on a regular basis and I can’t tell you how relaxing that is.

Connect with nature to clear your thoughts and relax your mind and body. When we are enjoying nature, we begin to experience our true self. We begin to think clearer than before.

Try it, take a walk in an open environment where there is a lake, flowers, and garden.

Be in the moment and as you walk or sit, start to take deep breaths. Clear your head from all the thoughts and focus on enjoying the moment. Meditate on the trees, the lake, and the sun and see how that feels.

If you spend as little as 15-20 minutes a day, you will begin to feel the serenity and you will begin to experience inner peace in your daily life.

Before I end this post, I will leave you with a few photos to ponder:





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  1. Spending time in nature is like religion to me.

    I automatically relax and become more aware of everything that my senses are registering.

    Even the occational bad smell of spring… or rotting sea weed… makes me feel alive and I completely recharge my batteries.

    Happiness is the meaning of life!

  2. All’s good in the natural world, Dia
    …..embrace, enjoy, Live…Thankyou
    be good to yourself
    David Stevens recently posted..Living Life Today – Getting through the ‘dark’ days

  3. Bellaisa says:

    This is why my husband and I want to live on an acreage – or in Maui along the ocean. We love nature and would spend 24/7 there if we could.
    Bellaisa recently posted..Looking For Your Ideal Partner?

  4. The greatest mystics were all good walkers.

    Nature is good for our mind because it lacks the inner conflict which many times rules our mind.

    Nature can also be comforting. At least if we take care to forget that the most terrible dangers are natural ones.

    However, I like to remind myself, as many times as possible, that our own mind is natural.

    If we feel good when walking in a beautiful park, we can feel good when exploring our mind.

    I know that many times we would like to run out of our own mind.

    Nevertheless, we can come to find our own mind as the best and most natural place to stay in.

    Emanuele Santanche –
    Freedom and courage
    Emanuele Santanche recently posted..Mar 4, The Buddha as a CEO