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A Humble Beginning to a Mighty Ending

A Humble Beginning to a Mighty Ending

Note:  This is a guest post by Ashwani Kumar from Motivational thoughts for you

The whole universe we see around us today had a fiery beginning. It started around approximately 14.3 billion years ago. From an infinitesimal entity it changed and grew to become what it is today. Even after 14.3 billion years it is still growing and expanding. That which started out as nothing and nowhere is now everywhere and is huge beyond human comprehension.

How to go from being small and humble to becoming big and great?

Humble Beginnings:

This shows that anything no matter how big has a humble beginning. Everything has to have a start, a beginning somewhere and most of the times it is always small. Many of the great organizations that we see today were once small and most of them were started in garages or living rooms. The greatest skyscrapers we see today started out as simple bricks and blocks of steel. It is the same with every great musician, great athlete, a great doctor or a great scholar. Every artist was once an amateur. We look upto great men and marvel at their success but we do not acknowledge the effort they put to reach the state, we rarely accept the fact that they started out as one amongst us.

Vision and Inspiration:

The skyscraper, the end result should inspire you, it should act as a vision, something for you to strive for. The magnanimity of the task shouldn’t deter you, do not get scared thinking of the end result; instead let it guide you and let it push you towards greater efforts. Whatever your dream, whether to get a great job, to build a successful company or to see the whole world, start it now. Take one small step towards your goal. No matter how small just take the step. Just do it. Move forward on the road to success one step at a time.


Many of us are overwhelmed when we think of the end result; at times the dreams are so big that their sheer size and mere thought sends shivers through us. Many do not begin at all, for them it is easier to resign themselves to their fates, it is easier to go along the flow rather than work each and every day. Few begin in earnest and abandon the dream in between, they consider it futile, the convince themselves of the difficulty of the task and find a hundred reasons to abandon it.

What to do?:

Let this not happen to you, instead of thinking too much and getting scared, focus on the task at hand, concentrate on what you can do today, this very moment. Divide the entire journey from your present point to success into small parts and complete each part at a time. You cannot become a success overnight. To become an expert takes years of practice and hardwork. As any great structure is built brick by brick; so it is with success, which is built upon the day to day grinding, hardwork, tasks and activities.


The real secret to success is persistence, the cool and calm will which returns fresh everyday to tackle new tasks and challenges, which calmly says I will try again tomorrow, which does not rest until the end result is achieved. Great things are built by a humble, calm and a patient determination, apart from the mighty shoves, it is the single pushes each and every day that matter the most.


The road to success is full of obstacles and is very long too. Rarely few make it. Do not let the journey overwhelm you; do not let the thought of the end result scare you. Just start and many if not most of the things can be sorted along the way. You will realize that most of the obstacles and fears were only imaginary and did not exist anywhere except in your mind.


Growth whether physically, spiritually or financially is a process. It is a process which takes time and energy. If you not willing to spend time and energy your chances of success are very slim. The key point in growing and going places is getting started. There is no journey without a beginning. You need not be born with great skills or talents, you need not be a genius, all that is required is a relentless desire to excel and to get better each day. Push and Practise each day, every day.

Becoming a Giant:

The giant bamboo tree is a tiny seed in the beginning, from the humble little seed springs up a tree growing very tall. If you look around you will find countless examples of humble beginnings and mighty endings. Do not be overwhelmed by these but get inspired. In time the seed you plant or your idea can become big.

You need to make a start, push and stretch. You need to go beyond your comfort zone, only then you can move away from being an amateur to an expert, from being small and insignificant to being big and strong. So, what are you waiting for, go ahead start small and finish big.

Author Bio :

Motivational thoughts for you is all about motivating you, inspiring you, helping you gain a more positive outlook on life. It’s a blog about courage, about hope, about all the qualities that make a successful life. It is a blog about life itself.

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  1. Hi Ashwani,

    I love your connection between humble beginnings in the universe compared to our own simple beginnings.

    That was powerful writing.


    Bryce Christiansen recently posted..How To Blow Your Interview: Just 6 Little Letters

  2. Hello Ashwani,
    Humble + clear vision = Life you want to enjoy.
    We all start from humble, it’s how we grow that makes vthe difference. Thankyou for your perspective.
    be good to yourself
    David Stevens recently posted..Living Life Today – Excuse me…..your Life is waiting

  3. Hiten Vyas says:

    Hi Ashwani,

    Excellent post! The point you made about humble beginnings reminded me of football players here in the UK who earn millions of pounds annually. Although I still believe such salaries are way over the top, there is no doubt how much effort the best players had to put in when they were younger and still do to maintain their levels.
    Hiten Vyas recently posted..Justin Mazza reviews EmpowerHour coaching!

    • Hey Hiten,

      I am sure the players would have put in a lot of effort to reach the stage where they are now. Perhaps the money they earn is a reward to their efforts they made and continue to make.
      ashwani kumar recently posted..The Moment Gone By

  4. Justin Mazza says:

    Great to see you here Ashwani. You are right my friend, the key is to keep moving forward despite what our ego mind tries to tell us. It’s easy to get caught up in the paradox of fear.
    Justin Mazza recently posted..Having Integrity – Mutual Respect – and my Aflac Experience

  5. Bellaisa says:

    Start small and finish big – the only way to go!

    Great article. I often think about the bamboo tree when I start to question whether my efforts are paying off. The fact that it suddenly grows after a large amount of time underground, not being seen, is absolutely how I picture my success to be. I know that all the hard work, persistence, and ability to get over the obstacles with be worth it.
    Bellaisa recently posted..The Top Online Dating Mistakes to Avoid Unless You Like Being Single