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How to trust your partner in a relationship?

How to trust your partner in a relationship?

Do you trust your partner? How to deal with trust issues in a relationship? How to trust your partner?

Lack of trust or what some call doubt is a mental illness that affects many relationships negatively. Lack of trust is a huge problem that can ruin the relationship. Lack of trust could lead you to start checking your loved ones mobile, purses, cars, clothes, watching them, and stalking them among other things.

As I stated in my book “How to win your lover’s heart” lack of trust makes you live in fear, worry, and distress. It also could lead you to depression among other mental problems. If you suffer from this illness, which is called lack of trust, then you need to learn how to overcome it, otherwise, it will ruin your relationship with your partner.

Building trust in a relationship

If your goal is to learn how to build trust in a relationship, follow the below steps:

1. When you begin to doubt your partner, stop right away and switch the thought to a positive one. Stopping the thought as soon as it starts is one of the most effective ways you can do to overcome lack of trust in a relationship.

2. If you have witnessed something that makes you doubt your partner, then talk to your partner about it in a calm way. Communication is the key.

3. If you have seen your parents deal with a lack of trust issue, then it is better to start working on healing yourself, work with a counselor or a life coach. Research shows that many people who lack trust in their relationship do so because they learned to doubt their partners from seeing their parents not trusting each other. Therefore, to build trust in a relationship, you need to start healing yourself and changing your mental habits.

4. Learn to be sincere and truthful. If you have a lack of trust problem now and you have lost the trust from your partner, then don’t worry. You can regain the trust from your partner in a few months if you are willing to overcome your lack of trust issues and doubts, you just have to be sincere and truthful.

5. Learn visualization as it is one of the best ways to relax you and will help you get rid of lack of trust issues. When you are relaxed, you can start to visualize yourself that you and your partner trust each other, understand each other, and love each other. Remember, visualization helps you to program your subconscious mind with what you want to achieve.

6. To build trust in a relationship, you have to build your self confidence. Many people’s lack of trust issues stem for lack of confidence. For example, Jennifer mentions that every time her partner, John talks to a woman, she gets jealous and starts having some doubts. She starts asking questions such as “Does he love me?” “Does he find me attractive?” “Why is he talking to her?” “Why is he late?”

If Jennifer is confident in herself, she would know that her partner John is loyal to her and that he loves her and finds her attractive. She wouldn’t be sensitive to every move that her partner makes. She wouldn’t think negative thoughts as the above questions usually stem for lack of confidence.

Always remember the famous proverb by Lao Tzu, “He who does not trust enough, will not be trusted.”

Love is like a plant. It needs consistent, careful attention to thrive. Without it, your relationship is destined to wither away. How to win your lover’s heart was released by to help you win and capture your lover’s heart and avoid breakups.  To check books, click here

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  1. Dandy says:

    Wow Dia, this is a really insightful post. Your tips here are really great. I like how you encourage us to go beyond the surface and dig deep to address our problems. Trust is everything in a relationship. We also need to trust ourselves that when things don’t work out – we’ll be ok. Thanks Dia!
    Dandy recently posted..Self-gratitude

  2. Jk Allen says:

    Trust is so important in a relationship Dia. It fuels our confidence, which enriches us with a great sense of self worth. We know how important it is to us because when it’s broken, even in a small way we feel it both physically, with a knot in our stomach, and emotionally, clouding our thoughts and disarming our core strengths.

    I agree that when trust issues occur, they must be addressed. We must capture the “bug” that is inducing the reduction of trust.
    We also have to be trustworthy. Trust has a best friend named honestly and a foe named liar. Keep trust as close as possible to his friend and life will be much fulfilling!

    I’ve been incredibly blessed with a wonderful relationship with my wife. I’m happy to have read this information because I can never get enough, especially considering how much is on the line. Thank you my friend!
    Jk Allen recently posted..The Art of Following- A Prerequisite of Effective Leadership

    • Dia says:

      Hi JK,

      For sure my friend, trust is crucial in all parts in life, especially when it comes to our partner. If there is a trust issue, then the couple should address these issues right away and don’t let problems accumulate. Otherwise, there will be too much pain and stress and this is not good for any relationship.
      Dia recently posted..How to become persistent in life

  3. Self confidence is indeed a precursor to trust Dia. When we push away jealous thoughts and see the situation, or behavior for what it really is, then trust grows and love becomes more authentic.


  4. Frank says:


    This is a critcal step in any relationship that you ever wish to pursue over the long term. In order to completely give yourself to another person requires you to let go of any negative behaviors. Jealosy, in the words of William Tha Great, is toxic. It can destroy your relationship to the point where it is uninhabitable. This was awesome Dia. Thank you for some great information of the importance of trust in a relationships. I have learned a lot.
    Frank recently posted..Who MOVED My American Dream

    • Dia says:

      Hi Frank,

      For sure Frank, trust in a relationship is needed. We have got to overcome our negative thoughts and start trusting each others. This is one of the major keys to lasting and happy relationship.
      Dia recently posted..How to become persistent in life

  5. He who does not trust enough, will not be trusted.

    That Lao guy was a smart cat Dia….as are you my friend.

    Happily married for over 10 years, I’m grateful to have a wife that I can trust, implicitly…she is an amazing person.

    Thanks again.

    Marcus Sheridan, The Sales Lion recently posted..10 ‘Content Rules’ That Will Help Your Business Rule The World

  6. Trust is the foundation in all things. IF we don’t have it our foundation is crushed. Great wisdom dia..great work.
    jonathanfigaro recently posted..2 of the 48 Laws Untwisted by a Hustler

  7. Mia says:


    YOur articles are inspiring. Trust is the most important aspect in the relationship..but what i would like to know..Many people do suffer from cheating and whoever cheats in a relationship needs to work even harder on fixing and regaining the trust of their partner.. Question is; What actions are required from the cheating spouse to start regaining trust.?

    As you know..Actions speak louder than words.. Unfortunately, many people nowadays do not go with this and just think that a partner who suffered from cheating could easily just forget without even taking any action.

    A suggestion is to inspire us with another work of urs regarding this issue..

    Thank you


  8. xx says:

    i have a girl friend , to whome i have decided to marry,, but i have some pics of her college, with her friends, and i notice a guy, always standing close to her, and with her, when i asked her wheteher she had any boyfriend or so, she told me she never had , but when i fingured out that guy alaways close to her, then she told that he proposed her one day in college and she refused it, now this has led me creating doubt in my that she hides teh things, and i have lost trust in her,, so pls, guide what shall i do now…:-(