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How to mend a broken relationship?

How to mend a broken relationship?

Is amending a broken relationship difficult?  How do you mend a broken relationship?

John and Kelly are trying to mend their broken relationship for 6 months now since John cheated on her.  They find it very challenging and difficult to move on as Kelly keeps focusing on what John has done and on the fact that he was not loyal to her.  She feels she can’t trust him again, but wants to give their relationship a chance.  Does this story sound familiar?

Often people who are in broken relationship find it hard to find a solution to solve their problem whether their partner cheated on them, abused them or lied to them.  Many stay living with pain and don’t know how to eliminate it. 

If the issue you are dealing with is trust and your partner can’t trust that you are going to stop cheating or abusing, then you need to learn how to make your lover trust you.  One of the best and most proven methods to help you mend a broken relationship and win your partner’s heart according to research is by making your partner trust you as I discussed in my book “How to win your lover’s heart.”  Studies show the more you make your partner trust you, the more your mate is willing to give your broken relationship a chance. 

You might ask how can your make your partner trust you?   Great question!  Give your lover attention and unconditional love.  If you learn to practice the art of unconditional love 80% of the time and show that you can be trusted, then you have a great chance to rebuild and improve your relationship. 

Mending a broken relationship

Besides building trust and making your partner trust you once again, there are a few other steps that you need to know to help you learn how to mend your broken relationship

1.        Communicate

No relationship can heal without taking the time to communicate with each other and discuss the problems that you two have experienced. 

What you two have to say is important, so take the time to listen and communicate to each other.  Inform your mate that what he or she has to say is very important and listen carefully.  

2.        Forgive

After you heard each other and communicated, it is time to start forgiving each other.  As long as you stay holding resentment toward each other, you will not be able to mend your broken relationship.  Not only that, unforgiving each other will also cause both of you unwanted anxiety and stress, which can have a negative impact on your relationship and health.

Once you forgive each other, learn from the past, and focus on the present, your relationship with each other begins to improve slowly and get back on the right track, which will help you avoid breakup and divorce.

3.  Express your love

Many couples wonder what they could do to mend and save their relationship.  There is a need to express your love to your partner both verbally and by taking action. Usually women tend to express their love and appreciation verbally while men tend to express their love by acting such as providing for the house.  The more you express your love both verbally and by taking action, the more your relationship will improve.

Love is like a plant. It needs consistent, careful attention to thrive. Without it, your relationship is destined to wither away. How to win your lover’s heart was released by to help you win and capture your lover’s heart and avoid breakups.  To check books, click here

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  1. All very good reminders Dia. I’ve found that forgiving and letting go of the post is the most important way a relationship can heal.

    Thanks for sharing these,


    • Dia says:

      Hi Alex,

      Exactly my friend, forgiveness is crucial if we want to heal a relationship and make things go back to normal. Otherwise, the resentment will stay inside of us, which is not healthy for the relationship, not for us. Thanks Alex
      Dia recently posted..How to mend a broken relationship

  2. Hello Dia,
    I think that one-stop-shopping is a concept that doesn’t apply to healthy relationships. If we go into a relationship expecting the other person to fulfill all our needs (I guess that could be called co-dependency) we have unrealistic expectations. My happiness is really my job and your happiness is your job. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t be supportive and loving, but it isn’t other peoples’s job to make me happy. If one doesn’t have a life that’s their problem not their spouses. Our life is the the only thing we really have control over (behavior, thought processes etc.)
    Riley Harrison recently posted..JUST WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE

    • Dia says:

      Hi Riley,

      Yep, that is for sure my friend, we are responsible for our happiness as happiness is an internal state of mind. We can’t and shouldn’t depend on others for our happiness and well being. Yes, others can enhance and add to our happiness, but true happiness comes from within when you make peace with yourself. Unfortunately, many people go into relationship hoping that the other person makes them happy, which is why many relationships end up badly. Thanks Riley
      Dia recently posted..How to mend a broken relationship

  3. ayo says:

    hello dia
    how are you?
    you have touched on a slightly difficult subject because emotions are involved.
    anyway as difficult as it seems or sounds it is possible to mend broken relationsips if both parties are willing to give it a try.
    i think it’s also important not to rush things and express your love slowly but strongly. as you’ve rightly mentioned the more you express your love in words and actions, the chances are it will improve.
    take care of yourself and enjoy the rest of the day
    ayo recently posted..The Fifteenth Edition Of The Life Skills Magazine Is Out Now!!

    • Dia says:

      Hi Ayo,

      For sure taking the relationship slowly and not rushing things are very important. During this time, it is very beneficial to express love through words and action and show each other that you really want to make the relationship work. Thanks Ayo
      Dia recently posted..How to mend a broken relationship

  4. Dia: Good post and list. Forgiveness is definitely key. The wonderful thing is that it doesn’t just help to get your relationship back, it also frees you of so much negativity.
    Sibyl – alternaview recently posted..Quit Doing This One Thing- And You Will Always Succeed

    • Dia says:

      Hi Sibyl,

      Yep exactly my friend, forgiveness is powerful. Once we realize that it is better for our well being to forgive, the better it is. It can be a little difficult, but once we realize that unforgiveness doesn’t do us any good we can then start to put what has happened behind us, learn from it, and then move forward. Thanks Sibyl
      Dia recently posted..How to mend a broken relationship

  5. Hi Dia,

    Mending broken relationships is tough. Some people aren’t willing to make a mends and would rather let hatred and resentment build up and ultimately tear the relationship a part completely.

    I have a very forgiving spirit, many of my friends call me naive or say that I’m a push over, but I think I’m a much happier person because I am able to forgive and move on. Holding grudges takes a lot of energy.

    I strongly believe that if you are going to forgive someone you need to let it go. Many have a tendance to hold situations over people’s head. It doesn’t make sense to keep bringing it up, ya know? I mean how can you possibly move on by doing that?

    Well, anyway, great post and awesome insight!
    Chelsea Thomas recently posted..It’s Okay To Put A Stop To Social Media Alerts

    • Dia says:

      Hi Chelsea,

      Exactly my friend, if both parties that not willing to mend their relationship, then it will be tough. To be able to mind a relationship, forgiveness has to happened as well as having trust once again. Without these two, the relationship won’t succeed. Your good spirit shines through your posts Chelsea and stay on that path, this is what separates successful people from unsuccessful. After all, resentment doesn’t serve anyone good. Thanks Chelsea
      Dia recently posted..How to mend a broken relationship

  6. Well written on how to mend a broken relationship. I would like to simply say the readers here that a relation that was broken and was mended will never be able to give one the same happiness that used to exist earlier. So, it is better that one thinks over every small thing that could spoil a good relation.

    – Ranjith
    Ranjith (SR) | A light hearted talk recently posted..Have I achieved the real success- The success I have dreamt of

    • Dia says:

      Hi Ranjith,

      After the mending of a relationship happens, then it is possible to have a better relationship than before, but it does take some time. I have seen some couple where they had huge problems, but after they mended their relationship, things started to be better than they were earlier. However, to get to that place, couples have to change internally first. As within, so without. This is one of the most beautiful “laws” of the universe and if people apply it to their lives, not only in relationships, but in all domains, miracles start to happen.
      Dia recently posted..How to mend a broken relationship

  7. Stuart says:

    Nicely put Dia, it’s very important to realise that mending wounds will not happen quickly. They will take time, sometimes months, sometimes even years. But wounds close of their own accord, the trick is not to rush them.

    I love your story-telling at the beginning of most articles Dia, would love to read more adventures of your fictional characters :-)
    Stuart recently posted..Value 101- Part 4

    • Dia says:

      Hi Stuart,

      For sure my friend, healing wounds does take time, this is why we shouldn’t rush things. I believe a good 6 months though should be enough to heal a relationship. If the individual is not healed by then, then there is something wrong that needs to be addressed.

      I’m glad you like the stories that I mention 😉 Thanks Stuart
      Dia recently posted..How to mend a broken relationship

  8. Frank says:


    Great post. I believe that communication is the best place to start to try to mend any broken relationships. In order to prove you have changed you have to be able to communicate it to the other party to even see if they are interested. Now I also believe the best way to earn trust or any other level of emotional stability in a relationships is to become trustworthy. In these situations actions truly do speak louder than words.
    Frank recently posted..The Limitations of Knowledge

    • Dia says:

      Hi Frank,

      Communication is a crucial step in mending a relationship. Without proper communication, the relationship won’t get better. Becoming trustworthy is very important my friend. After all, how can a relationship be mended if there is no trust? Lack of trust is one of the major obstacles that couples face when they decide to mend their relationship. They have got to change their internal emotions and become trustworthy, otherwise, the other partner wouldn’t trust them. Thanks Frank
      Dia recently posted..How to mend a broken relationship

  9. Hey Dia,

    As human beings we should always forgive another person, because it’s never good for us to bottle up emotions and never let them get out. Someway or somehow they will find there way out of you and more times then none, then it’ll be too late for them to come out the right way. Instead they will come out in a different method. I have always though it was best to forgive and forget. To mend any broken relationship you must start off by forgiving.

    God bless,
    William Veasley
    William Tha Great recently posted..Managing Online Reputations Across Different languages

    • Dia says:

      Hi William,

      For sure we first have to forgive for ourselves so we can free ourselves from all the negativity that unforgiveness creates. Why hold on to the negativity and resentment when it doesn’t help our well being? It is always best to forgive. Thanks William
      Dia recently posted..How to mend a broken relationship

  10. Hi Dia,

    Trust seems to be the #1 factor in all successful relationships. It appears that many people have had trust issues at one time or another in a relationship especially if you dated a lot.

    I have been in relationships with people that gave me reasons not to trust them and I found that it was best for me to move on. There are also the “paranoid” type of relationships where both people are always worrying what the other is doing.

    In my old age I prefer simple and mutually beneficial relationships without too many expectations.
    Justin | Mazzastick recently posted..Moving Forward By Facing The Truth About Ourselves

    • Dia says:

      Hi Justin,

      Trust is crucial for sure. If one of the partners keeps doubting his partner, then the relationship won’t be able to heal and prosper. Only when we learn to trust that a relationship can begin to heal. Thanks Justin
      Dia recently posted..How to mend a broken relationship

  11. Hi Dia,

    Forgiveness always has to be in a relationship. In marriage when there is an affair that takes place, I believe the first thing that has be done is find out the reason for it. In most cases there was a lack of communication and some love needs where not being meant. Nothing happens without a reason in most situations.

    When we don’t try to mend a broken relationship, we can find ourselves moving on to a new relationship with the baggage from the old relationship.

    You are right we have to forgive and express love. Thanks Dia for your great insight once again,

    • Dia says:

      Hi Debbie,

      Exactly my friend, forgiveness is for sure crucial in every relationship. Without it, we can’t mend a relationship. The couples have to find out the cause of why their relationship got off track and really dig inside themselves for answers. Taking responsibility is very important as well. Once they know the causes, take responsibility, then they can begin to forgive and start trusting each other. Thanks Debbie
      Dia recently posted..How to mend a broken relationship

  12. rob white says:

    Hi Dia,
    Indeed agreed. We must come to some kind of peace and acceptance with a damaged relationship. Whether or not the mending is reciprocated is not as important as feeling whole and complete within. We always have the option to express love and Forgivenss … when we do this first for ourselves with no anticipation of reciprocation we can move on.
    rob white recently posted..When Losing Becomes Winning – There is Beauty

    • Dia says:

      Hi Rob,

      For sure my friend, acceptance is important. If we can’t accept what has happened, then we will not be able to move on and we also won’t be able to mend a broken relationship. Acceptance and finding inner peace within ourselves has to happen first. Thanks Rob
      Dia recently posted..How to mend a broken relationship

  13. Craig says:

    This is a nice post with good advice for us all. This wisdom can be applied to our relationships every day, mending the ‘little breaks’ that happen in the ordinary course of intimate partnerships. Trust, forgiveness and unconditional love are crucial in keeping a relationship healthy. Thanks for this helpful post.
    Craig recently posted..Working with Uncomfortable Feelings

  14. John Sherry says:

    I really love your work Dia, how you cut to the chase and get to the nub of it all in a few simple, but highly potent points. And this post is no exception. Yes 100% agree that communication is a must for trust and for love to shine and show. When we openly communicate we bare more of our heart and soul and connect at far deeper levels. After all when wars start it’s because talking has stopped. And relationships won’t be done any harm with a bit of romance either! Got to admit I’m a romantic but boy, what a great feeling and warmth it creates, not to mention it’s a fertile breeding ground for love. And who doesn’t want plenty of that??
    John Sherry recently posted..The Three Abilities That Skyrocket Success

  15. van025 says:

    Great post.Thanks for your sharing.
    I think that forgive is the best way to mend a broken relationship.Both we and other people can feel more comfortable when we have never reminded them about what they did.I love this way

  16. Hi Dia,
    You’ve offered some excellent advice to couples where betrayal has entered their lives but they still want to make a go of it. Trust is so vital to having a successful relationship. Once trust is broken, it’s very difficult to rebuild it. Just imagine living with someone that can never again be late for coming home or calling, etc. without you going into a panic because you assume he or she is out cheating again. Infedility causes the death of more relationships than anything else. If a way can be found to keep partners from cheating on each other, that may be the answer. On the other hand, where cheating is a relationship killer, communication just may save it. Keep up the great work!
    Marcus@Laser printer reviews recently posted..Canon MF6550 Duplex Copier Laser Printer Review

  17. Anthony says:

    In order to mend a broken relationship, one should not hesitate from bowing down at first in order to make your partner or loved ones engage once gain with you, and then letting them know their faults, once you have developed strong ties with them again.
    Anthony recently posted..How to Build a Chicken House – What Not to Do