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How to increase faith in yourself

How to increase faith in yourself

Do you have faith that you will reach your dreams and aspirations? Do you have faith that everything in your life will turn out to be beautiful as you dream to be? How do you increase faith in your life?

We all have challenges in our lives. Whether the challenges are from work, relationships, health, or money. Many people when they face an obstacle in life or face a challenge that they are not used to, they begin to give up on their aspirations. The dreams that they once have become part of the past; hence they stay stuck in their current unsatisfying circumstances. Are you one of those people?

If so, then you need to ask yourself; why is that? Is it because you can’t deal with such challenges and obstacles? Is it because you lack confidence in yourself? Or is it because you feel that you are not worthy of success?

Faith is the key to success

Yes, having faith is important if you intend to reach your goals. Otherwise, you would be doing like someone who is sowing some seeds, but has doubts that he will reap multiples. Even if right now you are having a hard time finding evidence to support you on your journey to success, you need to begin to trust that everything will turn out as you want it to. Life is full of obstacles and you can’t choose most of your events, but you can choose to have faith.

If someone tries to brainwash you into thinking you will never reach your goals and desires, then you need to become stubborn and persist until you reach your aspirations. Never listen to someone who tries to tell you that you are not worthy of success.

How to increase faith in hard times?

In order to increase faith in your life, especially in hard times, you need to do the followings:

1. Take some time to meditate

Nothing is helpful as much as taking the time to be by yourself to clear your head from all the chaotic thoughts. Thoughts are powerful whether negative or positive, so if you are experiencing some tough events, then most likely, your thoughts are negative and they could make your current situation worse.

Taking the time to meditate can help you calm your wavering thoughts and achieve serenity. When you are calm, you can then start to make a decision to help you find a solution to your current dilemma or find a way to get you closer to your wildest aspirations.

2. Be optimistic

There are at least two different ways to looking at an event; one positive and one negative. Why choose to look at the negative when you have a choice to look at the event as a positive experience you can learn from? Learning from the events that you experience on a daily basis will help you avoid making the same errors and mistakes that you have done in the past so you can reach your desired results.

When you look for the lessons, you are making a choice to be optimistic so you will correct any failure you have made, and reach your desires.

3. Surround yourself by a positive friend

This has been said a lot, but it is worth repeating; having a close friend that you can depend on during tough times is very helpful. Surround yourself by someone that you feel close with and ask him for some encouragement. Your friend might give you a tip or two that can help you see things differently and increase faith in your capabilities.

4. Count your blessings

Are you aware of the blessings that God has given to you? Are you appreciative of what you currently have? I personally take around half an hour a day to go over some of the blessings I currently have and immediately, my faith increases and start experiencing peace of mind.

You will not be able to gain much if you are unaware and not appreciative of all that is good in your life whether it is money, relationships, health, or career. The more you feel gratitude, the more you shall have.

5. Smile

Smile even if you don’t feel like it. Research shows that faking a smile and laughter has the same benefits as if you are smiling or laughing sincerely as the subconscious mind doesn’t differentiate between what is true or it is imagined.

Start to focus on smiling more and remind yourself to do so throughout your day. As your mood begins to improve, your faith will begin to deepen.

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  1. Faith is one of the keys to success, my friend. When you get some wins on the board thru taking action then your faith/belief increases. Starting from scratch is difficult so set some goals first with or without Faith and take some steps. The more action, the greater the Belief.
    Thanks for this.
    By the way, I love to Smile.
    Be good to yourself
    Life Coach. Listener. Solution Finder.
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