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How to get the law of attraction to work for you?

How to get the law of attraction to work for you?

Some people try to apply the law of attraction in their lives and don’t succeed. They say that they concentrated, visualized, were positive, asked and believed, but nothing has manifested. As I mentioned in my previous article “what is the law of attraction?“ some people do not manifest what they want is because they have not followed all the steps that the person must take to achieve his goals whether it is negative thoughts, envying people, lack of gratitude, lack of planning, lack of action or lack of persistence.

Below you will find some powerful steps that will make the law of attraction work for you:

1. Power of gratitude-

Everyone talks about the power of gratitude from famous experts such as Joseph Murphy, Napoleon Hill, and Wallace Wattles. I my book, “the ultimate guide to achieve your goals,” I mentioned that you have to give thanks to God who created all of us, so you get more of the same. Give thanks for having food, water, roof over your head, health, success, money and all the other blessings that God has given you. How can you expect God (the universe for those who don’t believe in God) to grant you your wish while you are not appreciating what you have already? Appreciate what you have and feel the abundance. For instance, if you drink some water, say, “thank you God for this water“ and mean it. If you buy something, give thanks to God for giving you money to buy it. Look at the Japanese, whenever they buy something, they give blessings for what they buy. Showing gratitude can do wonders.

2. Give blessings to people-

Studies show that the more you bless other people for having health, wealth, and success, the faster you will get such things. If you see someone has something you want, it is important to wish them more success and prosperity. If for example, you want wealth, and you see someone wealthy, instead of envying that person, you should wish them more wealth and success. You can say, “Isn’t that nice that this person has wealth and lots of money? I wish them more wealth, success, and blessings.” It is crucial that you really mean what you are saying. Do not criticize people for having something you want and desire. If you criticize someone for having money and wealth, you will not get money because you are criticizing it. How can money and wealth come to you if you keep criticizing it?

3. Ask

Ask God for what you want and desire. Let me give you an example, if you want to buy a car, don’t you have to ask the car dealer first before you buy it? If you want to go to college, don’t first have to apply and tell them you want to join? The same thing applies for achieving your goals. You have to ask God to give you whatever you desire. Don’t be shy, ask God and he will answer.

4. Visualization-

Studies have shown that people who visualize, achieve their goals faster since visualizing makes you concentrate on your goals. You should visualize and concentrate on your goals around two times a day for 10 to 15 minutes each time. As Albert Einstein says, “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” Whatever you visualize, you will get in the future. Let me give you an example, there is a student studying for his exam tomorrow. He keeps thinking and imagining that the exam is hard and that he is not going to do well in it. Exam day is here and the student enters the exam room. The teacher gives the student the test and guess what the student finds? You guessed it, the exam is hard just as he imagined. You should know that visualization is a powerful step of getting the law of attraction to work for you.

5. Affirmations-

In order for affirmations to work, you first have to understand and work on controlling your thoughts and emotions, otherwise, if you repeat affirmations all day, you probably won’t get results as you will be saying affirmations without believing in them. Assuming you have already worked on your thoughts and emotions. Through out the day, affirm what you have visualized. Keep your goal in your mind. Remind yourself that you are on the way to success. What is really good about affirmations is that they help keep you focused positively on your goals.

6. Take action-

Without taking action, you accomplish nothing. It is action that produces tangible results.  Some  people believe they can visualize and achieve all their goals without taking action.  Do you think Roger Bannister would have been able to run a mile in less than four minutes if he didn’t take action and if he didn’t train his body? Do you think Bill Gates would have become billionaire if he didn’t put his ideas into action? There is no success, without action, so make sure you learn how to take massive action, so you can achieve whatever you want.

7. Persistence-

How many people do you know that were too close to getting what they want, but they gave up too soon? Unfortunately, many people give up as soon as they face an obstacle. Persistence is the key to achieving your goals.

It is necessary to follow all those steps mentioned, not just one of them to get the law of attraction to work for you.

Do you know that only 3% of the world’s population manage to plan and reach their goals? The main goal for is to help you become from the top 3% of the world’s population who know how to achieve any goal they desire in all areas of life. If you have a specific goal that you want to accomplish or want to improve an area of your life, but do not know how or why you are not getting any result, then this is the place for you.  To check out books, click here
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  2. Martina says:

    I’m trying to find out as much a I can about the law of attraction. Thank you so very much for this blog post. There have been times in my life where there have been instances where the law of attraction has worked for me on a small scale but I want it to work on an even bigger scale and I’m having such a hard time manifesting what I want and I do know that part of it has to do with my negative thoughts.

    • Dia says:

      Hi Martina,

      I hear you. The law of attraction works all the time in life, whether we are aware of it or not. The key to getting the law of attraction to work is to ask for what you want (correctly), have faith, depend on God, take action, and persist. These are the main things you need to have. There are other things as well, but these are the major ones. :)

  3. Alex says:

    Hey Dia,

    Saw your comment over at Marcus SHeridan’s site and thought ‘now there is a name I remember from the early days’

    How you been man?
    I did enjoy the post too btw – tweeted accordingly 😉
    Alex recently posted..You Can Lead a Horse to Water- But Stop Making Me &amp@ Subscribe!

  4. danika says:

    Regarding visualization and motivation I went to a talk with Jordan Belthorpe a few years ago, he is a great motivator and one tip he gave me was to picture a situation related to why I was doig what I was. For example, I want to motivate myself to work on my web business but am feeling lazy so I picture how I feel and what I think when driving to work on a monday morning and realise that if I do well with my web business then I no longer need to do this drive to work! I find it works for me and can be applied to the attraction laws your detailed above.
    danika recently posted..Free dating sites

  5. This is my first time to hear about that attraction that work for me.Can someone help me about this I don’t actually understand it can you elaborate this one for me?
    Kate Brown Wilson recently posted..used laptops

  6. Adam says:


    What a great post. I love the part of wishing others well. We are all here to fulfill whatever purpose we desire. Everyone has their own purpose, so wishing others well on their journey also demonstrates that you are enjoying your journey as well. Have fun with the law of attraction, and enjoy the incredible possibilities it has to offer!:)

  7. With regard to taking action – for me this is the most misunderstood part of attraction. I think the important thing is not just taking blind action doing everything you can think of. It is the universe’s job to work out the ‘how’, you just have to look for the signs or omens and follow them. I have in the past made the mistake of fighting an uphill battle against the universe, just working like crazy doing everything I can think of. I understand that this is not the right way to do things. Now I just relax and let it come to me. I work hard, but only when I have a sign that a certain action is the right one.
    Jon (Say No! to the Office( recently posted..Making a Presentable Dynamic Price List from a Product Feed

  8. Saurabh Sisodia says:

    you said ask god…..

    but how to ask god?

  9. nayffos says:

    LOA appeared when you least expect it..I had experienced some LOA incidences..but I never realized that it was LOA working on you until you realized it was there working to make it happened…amazing….it’s like magic but it’s the power of GOD and your belif in LOA….