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How to forgive your children?

How to forgive your children?

Has one of your children done something that you can’t forgive him for?

We all know the hard work that parents go through raising their children especially during their first years. As when the children are in their first years, they might do some things that can cause stress for the parents.

I have read a story about a man who went to the doctor’s office because his ears were full of glue.

The doctor asked him, “Why did you put glue in your ears.”

The young man replied, “I didn’t, it was my son who is four years old. He found me sleeping and saw that my ear is open so he wanted to close it with glue. Thank God he didn’t close my nose because I would’ve died.”

Doctor said, “You have to be careful next time.”

This story might seem funny to the reader, but it is a great example of some of the things that parents go through raising children.

I also remember hearing one of the rich men mention an incident with his daughter where she was holding an expensive ornament in her hand. His main goal was to get to his daughter before she drops it since it is a very expensive ornament, but unfortunately, she dropped it.

The young man goes on to mention that he wanted to spank her so hard for what she has done, but instead, he held himself and said, “Is my daughter important or the ornament? My daughter is more important of course.”

Then this young man went up to his bedroom and found his other daughter tearing a $100 check that he had on the hair dresser. In less than ten minutes, he lost the expensive ornament and a $100 check.

What would you do if you were in his place?

I remember also a friend who when he got home, his wife was very irate and angry. When he asked her, “What’s wrong?” She said, “Go see what your daughter has done.”

When he went upstairs to see his daughter, he found that she has shaved her hair completely.

These are just some examples that represent the trouble that parents go through raising their children. So what is the purpose of these stories?

The purpose is you have to learn to forgive your children. Yes, you have to help them and take care of them since they are born and they are going to do things that you might not like. However, you have to forgive them, so you let go of any negative feelings you might have and relieve your stress.

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  1. Unless our children are deliberately trying to hurt us, then we should forgive them. I for one would not have expensive ornaments in the reach of children, or even in places where children are likely to be.

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