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How to deal with worry easily and quickly

How to deal with worry easily and quickly?

Is worry affecting your life? How can you take charge of your thoughts so you can manage your worries?

The disease called “worry” has been affecting millions for many years. Some are better at handling it than others. When a negative thought pops up in someone’s mind, the individual starts to focus on it as if it is real. The more focus the person gives the thought, the stronger it becomes.

Worries are no more than ideas that the individual tends to hold on to based on his beliefs and values in life. In other words, they are not real and they have no truth to them until the person starts to believe in them. Thoughts are separate from you and you have a choice to choose what thoughts to think, it all depends on you.

Thoughts become harmful when you try to hold onto any idea that doesn’t serve you in a positive way. When you keep focusing on a thought, it grows in your world and you attract it into your life. However, if you stop giving attention to what you don’t want and the ideas that have you playing the victim, they will go away. For more info, check “How to overcome worry and have peace of mind.”

Your thoughts are not YOU

So what is the solution?

One of the clever ways is to start viewing your thoughts as something separate from you. Remember, you are not your thoughts. You are not your house. You are not your job. You are not your clothes. You are not your car. All of these things can be changed if you make a firm decision to do so.

This is the first step is to realize that you are not your thoughts. You are wonderful human being who is unique and is here to live a prosperous life.

2. Start viewing thoughts as passing clouds

That is right! You can start viewing your worries and your negative thoughts as passing clouds. Watch them from far passing and then automatically give your attention to something pleasant and something uplifting. Practice makes perfect.

Instead of doubting yourself, say:

Things work well for me always

I attract harmonious relationships easily

My business is improving on a daily basis

Abundance is on its way to me in avalanches

Remember, it is the feeling of certainty that make things happen. At first, it might be a challenge to view your thoughts as something separate from you, but with continuous practice, it will become a habit of yours. (For more info on building good habits, check power of habit: How to build good habits that last for ever)

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