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How to build strong personality?

How to build strong personality

You might ask yourself why some people have strong personality while others do not?  How come some people seem confident while others seem weak?

How can you build strong personality? Good question, but before I answer that question, it is worth mentioning that fear is number one enemy of humans. Paranoia, worry, giving up, and weak personalities are the result of fear.  Another thing you should be aware of is to build strong personality, you have to learn how to love yourself.  No one can build strong personality without first loving himself.

To build strong personality, do the following proven steps:

1. Sit in a comfortable chair or lie down and start deep breathing.

2. Think of a past event that happened to you where you felt afraid of someone.

3. Imagine that you are looking at people around you and compare your size with their size. What do you see? Most likely, your imagination enlarges people’s size and minimizes your size, which means that when you compare yourself with others, you are belittling yourself.

4. Minimize the size of people in your mind so that their sizes are equal to your size. By imagining that the size of people is the same as your size, you will start thinking of yourself as equal to people, and your personality will get stronger.

5. Imagine that people are smiling and talking to you in a warm manner and that they love being with you.  When you visualize that people are smiling and talking to you in a warm mannter, you will find that your level of confidence is increasing.

Be sure to do the above exercise at least twice a day to build strong personality and confidence and you will find yourself becoming more brave and having stronger personality. 

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