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How to build healthy relationships?

How to build healthy relationships?

How do you build healthy relationships with your partner? What should you do to build and maintain happy and healthy relationship and marriage?

I discussed in my book “How to win your lover’s heart” that everybody wants to have happy relationships and marriages and all couples want to keep improving their relationships. However, the majority don’t know how to build healthy relationships with their spouse, which is why more than 50% of marriages end up in divorce.

To learn how to build healthy relationships with your spouse, follow the below steps:

1. Exchange of gifts-

Whenever you buy a gift for your beloved one, you will get more than what you paid for as your will see the happiness in your partner. Both husband and wife should get used to the habit of exchanging gifts.

2. Spend time together-

It is important for both of you two husband and wife to find time to sit down together and listen eagerly to each other. Spending time together will bring you closer to each other and it is crucial for any healthy relationship.

3. Looks that reflect love and admiration-

Couples don’t only express emotions through doing things and helping to each other, but also express their emotions through non-verbal communication like expression on the face, tone of voice, looks, and eyes among other things.

4. Daily greetings-

Daily greetings between you two when you enter the house and go out are all part of what makes a relationship grow.

5. Praise your spouse-

Whenever your partner does something nice for you, praise him or her. Everybody likes to be praised from time to time.

 6. Interact with your spouse-

When you interact with your spouse, show affection, especially in the times of crisis. Interaction with each other will help you two bond more together.

Always remember what Leo F. Buscaglia said, “A loving relationship is one in which the loved one is free to be himself — to laugh with me, but never at me; to cry with me, but never because of me; to love life, to love himself, to love being loved.”

Love is like a plant. It needs consistent, careful attention to thrive. Without it, your relationship is destined to wither away. How to win your lover’s heart was released by to help you win and capture your lover’s heart and avoid breakups.  To check books, click here

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  1. The more you hang out with someone, the more they grow on you. Making the bond stronger and the connection more dense.

  2. Jk Hustle says:

    This was good old fashion wisdom at its finest. I will say that I practice these measures on a daily basis…well, excluding the gifts- but I do give my wife gifts pretty frequently.

    I look at it like this: I’m the luckiest man in the world. I cherish my wife, and honor her by practicing the 6 tips listed above. Life wouldn’t be the same without her.

    I hope I’m not the only person who feels this way. If you don’t – practice the 6 tips and you just may feel closer to it.

    Dia – good stuff my friend!


    • Dia says:

      Hi JK,

      Exactly my friend, the more we follow those 6 steps, the happier we become with our spouse. We should all put these tips in practice.

  3. Hi Dia! I love this post. I’m always finding ways to keep my relationship fresh and alive like when we first met. I believe we practice all your points but some more often than others. I guess we could always improve on #1 the gift idea. I know I’d love to receive more gifts. :)

    One thing that it’s a must for us is to go on a date once a week. No talk about kids is allowed. We can only concentrate on ourselves. We alternate each week on who picks what we are going to do.

    Wonderful advice! Loving blessings!

    • Dia says:

      Hi Andrea,

      Good for you my friend that you go on a date once a week with your husband. This steps is crucial in every relationship and marriage.

  4. Travis says:

    Good stuff!

    I would add a #7: Go on adventures together. Dates are great, but nothing beats an adventure. Make it something that is truly a venture into the unknown. It’s settings like that in which you see exactly what you fell in love with in the other person.

    • Dia says:

      Hi Travis,

      Going on adventures for sure is one of the best ways to build healthy relationships. It helps bring both closer together.

  5. ayo says:

    hi dia,
    how are you?
    thanks for sharing this article and suggesting useful tips that would promote healthy relationships..
    if i may add please, a healthy relationship brings about so many benefits such as peace of mind, understanding, attention, emotional support, responsibility, happiness……
    take care and enjoy the rest of the day

    • Dia says:

      Hi Ayo,

      For sure my friend, every healthy relationships has many benefits such as peace of mind, stability, support among other things. We should keep working on building our relationships all the time.

  6. TRIUMPH says:

    Those points are wonderful and practicable too.Thank you.But please may i just add to what you listed above.It would be good for couples to know and understand this major part of marital relationship,that in marriage mistakes are to be seen as ommission and not commission.If this is at the foundation of any home it will be impossible for any to abor bitterness and strife.I pray that all young couples will know this.Thank you.Peace.

    • Dia says:

      Hi Triumph,

      This is very true, mistakes are to be seen as ommission. This is very nicly said. We should bother ourselves with small mistakes, instead we should concentrate on the similarities.

  7. Frank says:

    Hey Dia,

    These are some great tips on building a healthy relationship. I recently did a guest post on Pick the Brain on a similar topic. It was titled 5 Steps to a Happy Marriage. My post is a little playful but has some similar tips. I guess wise minds think alike. Keep up the great work.

  8. Dia says:

    Thanks Frank, I will check your post now :) Thanks my friend

  9. Joshua says:

    It is always hard to maintain any relationship than a new start. People often do mistakes in order to keep a firm hold on affection, care in a relationship. All the above mentioned points are so true that no one can really dare to forget these. Time giving factor is the most important issue nowadays. If you are not spending adequate time with your partner then it is better you fix your mind for a breakup.
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  10. By trying to follow these steps, we can achieve a good relationship to part of life we should understand, this is a great help for us to have a good and healthy relationship
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