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How to become disciplined?

How to become disciplined?

Do you know how discipline can help you achieve your goals? Do you know that discipline is important to success? What is the power of discipline?  How to become disciplined?

You might think that many people are not self disciplined, but I’m going to prove to you that people in general are disciplined, but unfortunately, in non beneficial ways. There are many people who smoke daily despite the fact it is dangerous and it could kill them. Such people are disciplined at consuming cigarettes and smoking. There are people who are disciplined at drinking lots of alcohol daily, such people are disciplined at consuming alcohol. Do you see where I am going with this?

One of my friends who is passionate about running spends half an hour every single morning running. Whether it is snowing or raining, she has to run. This is the kind of positive discipline that you should follow and create in your life.

Do you know someone who bought a book, but didn’t finish reading it for some reason? Do you know someone who decided to improve his diet and start eating more vegetables and fruit, but after two weeks, he gave up?

These are all examples of lack of discipline. If you are not disciplined, then know you will have a hard time to get your desire. As I mentioned in my book “the ultimate guide to achieve your goals” that you could know what you want, plan, and take action, but if you are not self-disciplined, you will likely give up.

With discipline, you can start getting up early in the morning, exercise, and get away from the non-beneficial habits such as smoking and eating non-healthy food. With discipline, you can change negative habits to positive habits. With discipline, you can join the gym and start working on having a healthier body. Do you see what the power of discipline can do?

To learn how to become disciplined, follow the steps below:

1. Write down an activity that you would like to start doing, but you haven’t started yet.

2. Close your eyes, breathe deeply, and visualize yourself doing the activity.

3. Get up and start doing the activity now.

4. Whenever you have the urge to procrastinate, remind yourself that for the next 60 days, you have to be disciplined and do the activities at the specific times you have set. Overtime, you will find that discipline has become a habit of yours.

Always remember what Jim Rohn said, “One discipline always leads to another discipline.”

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  1. I have heard that it takes 21 days to form or break a habit. If this is true, then in theory performing something faithfully for 21 consecutive days, set success in motion. The hardest part of developing the habit of discipline is to start. After 60 days, I can definitely see that the habit is deeply ingrained. Thanks for the wonderful advice Dia. Nothing difficult is ever easy.


  2. Dia says:

    Hi Sandra,

    Yep, the hardest part in developing discipline is to start. Although it does vary from person to person, but 21 consecutive days is a good time frame as well. Sixty days would for sure help the habit to be ingrained. Thanks Sandra

  3. Justin Dupre says:

    Great post,

    Take action is important in getting the habit of self discipline. I usually write something where I can see when I get up to keep myself reminded of what I need to do in a day. Thanks for the tips!

  4. rob white says:

    Hi Dia,

    Well said. All of the positive thinking and affirmations in the world don’t mean a thing without the self-discipline to take action. Successful people become successful because they are willing to do all the things nobody else wants to do.

  5. Dia says:

    @Hi Justin, Takeing action to become disciplined is crucial of course

    @Hi Rob, exactly, affirmations won’t help much if we don’t have self-discipline. It is an attribute that is needed for success.

  6. Jean Sarauer says:

    Great idea to get up and start doing the activity right after the visualization. I’ve found that if I just take action towards a goal – even a small action – it builds momentum and keeps me moving in the right direction.

  7. Dia says:

    Taking small actions for sure builg momentum and help keep you focused on staying in the right path. Thanks Jean

  8. Walter says:

    Indeed, discipline is an important element for success. But the number one enemy of discipline is the lack of motivation. When we want to achieve something, our motivation determines our level of discipline. If our motivation is not strong enough, procrastination sets in. :-)

  9. Dia says:

    That is very true Walter, motivation is one of the main reasons people don’t stay disciplined, that is why it is crucial to stay motivated and develop burning desire, so we can achieve our goals.

  10. Rob says:

    I believe discipline spurs motivation or should at least…. motivation will naturally go through highs and lows but discipline should remain constant…. Self discipline is described as doing what you should do when you should do it whether you feel like it or not…. if you just sit around waiting for motivation for an activity or task before you begin you’ve just missed the whole point of what real self discipline is. Motivation is NOT required for self discipline.

  11. Discipline is something like a daily practice and one should do it regularly. For me waking up early morning is discipline, spending planned time on computer is discipline and sleeping in right time in discipline. Discipline gives much needed success, that’s why most of the successful people have a disciplined life.

  12. Dia says:

    @Thanks Rob, I believe what Walter means that motivation helps you stay disciplined. It makes discipline much easier if the person is motivated. You are right that we should be disciplined if we feel motivated or not, but having motivation does help. Basically it is a step that makes things easier. It is not requied, but it helps the person to become disciplined. The key word is “helps.”

    @Thanks Arafat, exactly most of the successful people are disciplined, otherwise, they won’t be where they are now.

  13. EnZo White says:

    change your thinking you change your choices when u change your choices your life changes

  14. gi says:

    This is truly exciting! With the decision to act comes to desired result-eventually. Otherwise you choose a new act. This means “discipline” is a choice and we are each very powerful. I like that. I’m ready!