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Convince people with your ideas

How to Convince people with your ideas

Do you persuade and convince people easily with your ideas? Do you want to convince people more easily with your point of view?  How to convince people with your ideas?

You are probably like everyone else want to learn how to convince people with your ideas, opinions, or point of views. Many people find it very hard to convince others with their ideas because they concentrate on what they are trying to say and forget to put themselves in the other person’s place.

Convincing people

To persuade and convince people with your ideas, follow the below steps:

1. Know what you want to accomplish-

As I mentioned in my book “the ultimate guide to achieve your goals” that you must know what you want to accomplish.  Ask yourself “What is my objective and what am I trying to convince this person with?” In other words, do you want to make the other person get convinced that living in a certain country is good for him or her? Perhaps, you want to convince your boss to try different ways to solve a specific problem? Whatever you are trying to do, you have to know your objective and what you are trying to convince the other person with.

2. List the positive points-

Make a list of all the positive points about your ideas and point of view and focus on them. These points will be the backbone of what you are trying to say and convince.

3. List the negative points-

Make a list of everything negative that the other person might say to you about your ideas. Think of all the questions and objections that may be raised by the other person and prepare a proper response for each of these questions and objections.

4. Market your ideas-

Ask people who you trust about what they think of the positive and negative things you have listed in regards to convincing the other person of your objective. There is nothing better than having someone to go over everything with you.

Always remember what Aristotle said, “Character may almost be called the most effective means of persuasion.”

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  1. Dia,

    The biggest thing to think is in term of other person’s view and talk based on that, that works specially when other person can see benefits in your idea.

    love this topic!

    • Dia says:

      Hi Preeti,

      Exactly when we think in terms of the other person and where he/she is coming from, it makes things a lot easier and they get convinced more easily.

  2. rob white says:

    Hi Dia,
    Yes, presenting our ideas with a clear and commanding presence is the best way to get our ideas across. When we stand firm with our ideas, people sense our unwavering conviction.

    • Dia says:

      Hi Rob,

      Yea, when we are confident of what we are saying and say it in a commanding way, our ideas get across more easily.

  3. Dia: Great post and I think you make a good point that people need to have an approach that you can rely on that allows you to communicate with people in a real way and get your point across. Very good list of tips and insights.

    • Dia says:

      Hi Sibyl,

      Having an approach that we can rely on to help us communicate with people and convince them of our ideas is crucial. Many people fail to convince others because they don’t have an approach or are not confident of what they say.