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How to overcome worry



About the book

Have you ever wondered why some people are happy and have peace of mind while others keep worrying?  This e-book without question will help you overcome worry and anxiety and have peace of mind.  If you don’t know and acquire this skill, then most likely you will live an unhappy life and stay living with worry and anxiety. 

This e-book How to overcome worry is based on the science of having peace of mind and tranquility. 

  • Are worry and anxiety affecting your life negatively?
  • Are worry and anxiety affecting your health? 
  • Are worry and anxiety affecting your relationships, career, and mind?
  • Do you feel you are lost and can’t control how to respond to life’s challenges?
  • Do you spend your time worrying over the future instead of focusing on the present?
  • Do you feel you can’t focus and concentrate due to worry and anxiety? 
  • Do you worry over your children going off to college, losing a job, or aging parents?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, then this e-book, without doubt is for you. 

The other advantage of this e-book is that it is written in simple and easy language to understand. This e-book does not use fancy or complicated vocabulary that only PhD holders can understand. It does not matter what your educational level is or what your first language is, you will understand what is written in this book easily. 

If after reading and applying what is inside of this e-book, you decide to return it, simply return it within one month and I will happily refund you back your payment.  This is a 100% money back guarantee.

Price is $15.99

Number of Pages: 30 pages

Format: PDF e-book

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Refund Policy This e-book has one month, 100% money back guarantee.

I ordered the e-book, when will I get it?

After I receive your order, you will receive the e-book within 24 hours.

How to overcome worry will teach how to have peace of mind and will teach the followings:  

  • You will learn the definition of worry and anxiety.
  • You will learn the kinds of worry and anxiety.
  • You will learn the causes of worry.
  • You will learn various ways to help you overcome worry and have peace of mind.

And much more!


This e-book has powerful information that you have to know about in order to overcome worry and have peace of mind.  If you are not willing to apply what is discussed in this e-book, then don’t waste your time buying it.  It is very crucial that you apply what you learn to your relationship and life, so you can start seeing positive changes. 

Dia Thabet, the author of the ebook, is a life enhancement coach.  He writes about personal development, relationships, peace of mind, achievement, success, goal setting, time management, and the power of your thoughts as well as your subconscious mind. He has been studying and practicing these subjects for over 12 years since 1998


Bryan from

Dia Thabet is on a mission to free you of worry and stress once and for all. “How to Overcome Worry and Have Peace of Mind” is a short book and yet can be a very difficult book to read if you are not prepared to put these ideas into action. With the energy of a college student and the wisdom of a psychologist twice his age, Thabet spends very little time analyzing the causes of worry and a big part of the time giving you the resources and the tools to eliminate stress from your mind and body. A bit of caution, however: reading the words alone will not bring you one step closer to your goals, but if you begin to put these simple steps into action, you will begin to see results immediately in your daily life. You might even learn to meditate…

JK from

Worry is an emotion that can and often surfaces in us all. Failing to effectively confront and manage worry can alter our emotions in a severely negative way. The trick is having the knowledge in handling the different types of worry that we face…and this is exactly what you provided in How to Overcome Worry. I found this to be an extremely worthwhile read because it introduced me to the physiological and emotional facts and effects of worry; then generously covered practical measures to better acknowledge and manage it. The knowledge learned has empowered me to take better charge of my thoughts. I highly recommend this book to anyone aspiring to improve their position in life. Even if one feels that worry doesn’t affect them, they may learn differently in reading this book. Thank you you for offering this powerful tool Dia…it will improve the lives of many. –Jk Allen, Author at