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50 Tips for Happiness

About the book

Have you ever wondered why some people are happy and successful while others are sad and depressed?  This e-book without question will help you learn about the art of happiness.  If you don’t know how to acquire this skill called happiness, then most likely you will live an unhappy life wondering why you are not enjoying your present time.

This e-book 50 tips for happiness is based on the science of understanding how happiness is acquired and it contains practical information from Eastern and Western philosophies.

  • Are you sad and depressed?
  • Are you successful, but can’t seem to be happy?
  • Do you really want to be happy?
  • Does happiness seem like something alien to you?
  • Have you been hurt by others and now looking for ways to get past the hurt?
  • What is the difference between success and happiness?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, then this e-book, without doubt is for you.

The other advantage of this e-book is that it is written in simple and easy language to understand. This e-book does not use fancy or complicated vocabulary that only PhD holders can understand. It does not matter what your educational level is or what your first language is, you will understand what is written in this book easily.

If after reading and applying what is inside of this e-book, you decide to return it, simply return it within one month and I will happily refund you back your payment.  This is a 100% money back guarantee.

Price is $15.99

Number of Pages: 33 pages

Format: PDF e-book

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Refund Policy This e-book has one month, 100% money back guarantee.

I ordered the e-book, when will I get it?

After I receive your order, you will receive the e-book within 24 hours.

50 Tips for Happiness will teach how to have peace of mind and will teach the followings:

  • You will learn the differences between happiness and success.
  • You will learn the 4 categories of happiness and which one you belong to.
  • You will learn that happiness is your responsibility and no one else’s.
  • You will learn 50 practical tips to achieve happiness in your life.

And much more!


This e-book has powerful information that will help you in your pursuit of happiness.  If you are not willing to apply what is discussed in this e-book, then don’t waste your time buying it.  It is very crucial that you apply what you learn to your life, so you can start seeing positive changes.

Dia Thabet, the author of the ebook, is a life enhancement coach.  He writes about personal development, relationships, peace of mind, achievement, success, goal setting, time management, and the power of your thoughts as well as your subconscious mind. He has been studying and practicing these subjects for over 12 years since 1998