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  • My name is Dia Thabet, the owner of , and personal development coach, author, and consultant
  • My goal is to help everyone in someway to achieve whatever they want and desire in life.
  • I have been studying personal development for over ten years since 1998 and have read over 500 books about personal growth and development such as law of attraction, peace of mind, mental power, positive thinking, goal setting, planning for your life, time management, happiness, and relationships.
  • Since my journey in personal development and spirituality, I have achieved great goals in my life especially in the last 2 years.  Some of my accomplishments are:
    • Attracting the specific woman that I love who has over 95% of the attributes I love in women
    • Starting my own on-line businesses
    • Becoming friends with my favorite singer (celebrity)
    • Having healthy and harmonious relationships
    • I exercise daily for more than one hour to stay healthy and fit
    • I have 3 college degrees
  • I have wrote a few personal development books:
  • If you have any question, please don’t hesittate to contact me.
  • Keep in touch with me by adding me on facebook  😉