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5 ways to get rid of painful memories

How to get rid of painful memories

Do you have some memories that you can’t overcome? Do you have some painful memories that keep haunting you?

People always go through problems in life and face many challenges. However, many people focus on the painful and depressing memories and end up sad and depressed.

How to get rid of bad and painful memories

To overcome painful memories, follow the below steps:

1. Look for hope-

The first step to get rid of your painful memories and sadness is to accept what has happened and move on. There is no need to start wasting your time crying like most people. You have to know that you have a life in front of you to live and that tomorrow will be better. Hope as you know is the key to survival.

2. Talk about your painful memories and sadness-

Find a close friend and talk to him about your distress. Studies show that talking about what is bothering you and what is painful, will help you get over your sadness.

3. Focus on your future-

Many people when they encounter a problem and face distress, they start focusing on it and stay focusing on the memories of the past. However, focusing on the past can’t change anything, so might as well focus on the future and how you can improve yourself and be happy.  You can for example, start setting goals,  planning and working developing faith, working on  your visualization skills, among other necessary skills as I mentioned in my book “the ultimate guide to achieve your goals.” 

4. Remember that the pitfalls of the past are the strengths for the future-

Know that everything you went through will help you become stronger in the future. Learn from your mistakes and the painful experiences, so you can grow.

5. Recall only the positive memories-

Every time you remember your painful memories, try to recall the positive and happy moments as well and focus on them. Every time you recall the happy times, you will be closer to getting rid of your sadness.

Always, remember what Elbert Hubbard said, “If you suffer, thank God! –it is a sure sign that you are alive.”

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  1. rob white says:

    Hi Dia,
    These are some very empowering tips. We cannot avoid all of life pitfalls but it is foolish to believe we have to wallow in them. I learned that dropping the voice of “poor me!” creates space for me to see my struggles and life differently. Quick advancement comes when you no longer see value in adding drama and suffering to our painful memories.

    • Dia says:

      Hi Rob,

      Exactly my friend, we can’t avoid all pitfalls. We should at least focus on the positive things and solutions.

  2. Dia,

    #2 is too powerful, that is why lot of psychologist therapy works! But I like your suggestion of talking to a friend, it is always better. Not many of us can avoid painful memories but we can learn these tips to overcome it. Thanks.

    You and Farouk both write so similar and inspiring posts! Keep it up!

    • Dia says:

      Hi Preeti,

      One of the best ways we can do is talk to a friend when we have paintful memories that we want to overcome. If we just do a little effort to avoid those painful memories, we will be fine.

      Farouk is a dear and close friend of mine. He is the one who inspired me really :)

  3. Frank says:

    Thank you for sharing these tips to get through a challengeing time. Our memories have the ability if we allow them to dictate our current and future actions. For example if we take on a public speaking assignment and fail it misserably we might be hesitant to take another one in the future. I know these tips will help me get rid of some of my very own mermories.

    • Dia says:

      Hi Frank,

      Yea, many people if they do something and don’t do well about it, they become hesitant to do it again. However, we shouldn’t let one or more experiences keep us from achieving what we want and we shouldn’t focus on the painful memories since that doesn’t help.

  4. I gotta tell you, I am not a fan of getting rid of painful memories. They are what make you who you are.

    • Dia says:

      They are what makes us who we are, but we shouldn’t dwell on them 24 hours Brandon, otherwise we are hurting ourselves.

  5. Maria says:

    If there are no positive elements throughout our life what would be the best way to get rid of painful memories??????

    • Dia says:

      Hi Maria,

      Everyone has positive elements in life. No matter how hard life is, there must be positive elements such as health, family, friends, career, etc…. In regards to the painful memories, we have to think of them as a learning experience. We all go through rough times in life, but the way we should think about them is that they are experiences that will help us grow in life. Basically, it is the way you think about what happened.

  6. Grace says:

    I do not understand why it is so hard for me to get rid of negative thoughts. I think to myself not to think that and somewhere in between I loose it. I get angry and my feelings just turn to confusion. What can I do?