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10 ways to develop yourself

10 Ways to Develop yourself

Do you always look for ways to develop yourself? Successful people always seek to be distinguished in what they do and always look for ways to improve and develop themselves. Ask yourself, what is self-development? How can you develop yourself and your skills?

Self-development means that you should develop your thoughts, feelings, ideas, capabilities, and skills to achieve your goals. You have the capacity to enhance your self in many different ways if you put your mind to it.

Many people who plan to work on projects and specific skills, give up too early if they face obstacles and then they walk away without tangible outcomes. You have to organize your day every morning and decide what you are going to do for this day. Write what you intend to do on a piece of paper and make sure you know what you are going to do each hour.

How to develop yourself 

1. Be positive and take the lead.

2. Know exactly what your goal is.

3. Set your priorities.

4. Think of the common good for everyone involved.

5. Try to understand other people’s point of view

6. Think of creative ways constantly.

7. Plan for your life.

8. Develop your visualization skills.

9. Develop your will power

10. Learn to ask right questions.

Set your goals and start to work on them and if you face obstacles in your way, don’t get depressed, face your obstacles and go back to work on your goals. Never say, it is too late to achieve your goals. You have to be ready to confront all the negative situations and obstacles that you face.

Stay thinking in a positive way and resist every negative thought that comes your way. Challenge the impossible and never despair. Do not pay attention to people who criticize you in a negative way. Be confident in your abilities and in yourself. Never say, “I can’t do this.” Studies show that we only use about 10% of what we can do. You have hidden power that was not developed yet, so work on developing that power. Discover your mental power and always think creatively.

The question is are you going to take the initiative to develop yourself?

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  1. Ayo says:

    hi dia,
    how are you?
    thanks for sharing this and if i may add (please), get some exposure, take some constructive risks,read a lot….
    take care and enjoy the rest of the day.

  2. Dia says:

    Thanks a lot Ayo,
    Exactly reading and taking some constructive risks are essential to developing one’s self. Without risks, we accomplislh nothing.

    Have a brilliant day Ayo :)

  3. Tom says:

    Hi Dia – great post and great blog. found you through a comment on pluginid. If I had to pick one of the ten items that was at the top of the list it would be #9 – without will power, the rest is just fantasy and not dreams.

  4. Dia says:

    Hi Tom,

    Exactly, without will power and desire, it would be very hard to achieve our goals.

    Welcome and have a brilliant day :)