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Welcome to Do you have a certain goal that you want to accomplish, but don’t know how? Do you want to have a happy and fulfilling relationship? Do you want success? Whatever your goal and desire is, this place will help you achieve everything your heart desires.


How to forgive when you don’t feel like it?

Are you having a hard time forgiving others?  Perhaps someone has hurt you and you don’t feel like letting this individual off the hook?

Thousands of folks struggle with letting go of the pain that is caused by past events and circumstances.   Let’s face it; none of us is perfect and we all might say something that could hurt someone else in the process. (Read more…)

How to combat daily stress?

Are you looking for ways to clear your thoughts from all of the daily stress?

Stress is something that happens to all of us from time to time.  Challenges at work, home, relationships, or health can be overwhelming.  The longer your give it your attention, the stronger it gets to be and if you are not careful with your thoughts, you will find yourself at a place where you can’t  enjoy your life anymore. (Read more…)

3 benefits of practicing gratitude

Are you grateful for the blessings you have in your life? Do you take the time to appreciate the goods in your life?

The majority of folks go through life without taking notice of their blessings. We usually tend to focus our attention on what we lack instead of what we do have; hence we attract more of the things that we don’t desire.  (Read more…)

How to never complain again?

Are you finding yourself complaining most of your day?

We all face life challenges from time to time. Unfortunately, some folks take this as an opportunity to complain and blame others for their misery instead of taking responsibility for their thoughts and behaviors. If you are one of those people, then I have good news for you.  (Read more…)

How to develop good relationships habits?

Do you want to develop good habits in your relationships? Are some of your behaviors hurting your partner?

Most of us are on a continuous search to enhancing ourselves and our behaviors. Whether it is quitting smoking, giving up on drinking, exercising more, watching less television, or eating healthier. This is all good effort that many of us do, but what about our relationships? (Read more...)

How to deal with worry easily and quickly?

Is worry affecting your life? How can you take charge of your thoughts so you can manage your worries?

The disease called “worry” has been affecting millions for many years. Some are better at handling it than others. When a negative thought pops up in someone’s mind, the individual starts to focus on it as if it is real. The more focus the person gives the thought, the stronger it becomes.  (Read more…)

How do you get over your ex easily and quickly?

Are you ready to move on in your life, but you can’t for some reason?  Do you want to stop the emotional pain you have?

Breakups can be tough as you are likely to keep reminiscing about the past, especially if you had good time together.  However, since you two have decided to end the relationship, you need to start focusing on yourself and what lies ahead for you.  (Read more…)

Do you accept others as they are?

Do you want everyone to be just like you? Do you want others to agree with you constantly and if they don’t you become defensive?

Allowing yourself to live the way you like to live and allowing others to live the way they see fit for themselves is a way of life. Usually there are many people who try to program you to believe in what they say and do based on what they believe in.  (Read more…)

Spiritual law: You attract whatever you fear most

Are there fears that keep haunting you in life?  Do you want to put an end to your fears?

The universe is based on energy that God has created for a purpose. If you understand this small fact, you will end up understanding many things in life. (Read more…)

Law of attention:

Your reality is based on whatever you focus on!

Are you aware of the spiritual laws that God has put in place on this earth?

If you intend to make real change in your life, then you need to start looking on the inside. You will not be able to make an external change unless you make the internal change first.  (Read more…)

How to motivate yourself today?

Life fluctuates! One day you might feel exited, relaxed, and full of energy while other days you might feel stressed and exhausted. When this happens, you need to find a way to relax yourself, increase your energy, and correct your mentality to help support you to fulfill your aspirations. The question is; are you ready to take charge of your inner mentality?  (Read more…)

How to break TV addiction?

Are you addicted to television? Do you just grab a cup of coffee and turn on your TV out of a habit that you have been doing for so long? Or do you do it to avoid going after your goals?

Millions of people have acquired the habit of sitting in front of their TVs every night to watch their favorite shows and soap operas. If there are no shows that interest them, they start flipping the channels hoping to find some kind of show to hold their interest and start watching it again. After all, they want to relax and find something to do, correct? Are you one of them?  (Read more…)

5 good habits you need in life

Are you looking for good habits to ingrain in yourself?

Many people are on a continuous search to build good habits on a regular basis. They know that life is about reaching excellence, not perfectionism. They know that in order to reach this stage of excellence, something must be done changed internally and positive behaviors must be cultivated on a daily basis. (Click here)

How to boost your confidence?

Do you want to boost your confidence?

Confidence is a skill that many folks want to master, but have a hard time acquiring. Have you ever wondered why? Let me inform you that you were born confident, you just allowed external sources such as your parents, friends, relatives, society, and media affect your level of self-esteem and self-worth. (Read more…)

Why do I feel helpless?

Why do I feel helpless? I’m stuck in my life and nothing seems to work for me, why is that?

Feeling stuck in life is very common across all walks of life. Sometimes, things might not go the way you want them to be. As you experience challenges in your life, you might start to feel stuck and frustrated from time to time.  (Read more…)

How to increase faith in yourself?

Do you have faith that you will reach your dreams and aspirations? Do you have faith that everything in your life will turn out to be beautiful as you dream to be? How do you increase faith in your life?  (Read more…)

How to forgive your children?

Has one of your children done something that you can’t forgive him for?

We all know the hard work that parents go through raising their children especially during their first years. As when the children are in their first years, they might do some things that can cause stress for the parents.

I have read a story about a man who went to the doctor’s office because his ears were full of glue.  (Read more…)